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Thu Feb 22 2024

5 min read

Important Tips For A Stress Interview To Get You Going

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When you hear the word stress interview, you might just think that this is another way to call any job interview because it’s not like they’re any less stressful. But it’s not the case. So you might wonder what a stress interview is. A stress interview is a style of interviewing in which the interviewer focuses on putting you into stressful situations and conditions so that he can see how well you respond to stress and what is your coping mechanism to such situations. This testing can not be done wisely by directly asking you about how you respond under stress. Every candidate will try to lure the interviewer into the thought that he handles stress wisely and doesn’t cause any harm to himself and his surroundings in that duration. 

However, this might not be true in many cases. Sometimes, even we don’t know how we would respond to various stressful situations. So these interviews prove as a great measure to see what the candidate is capable of and how he performs under pressure. But you shouldn’t stress about your stress interview. With a few tips to help you, you will ace the interview and will be able to perform in the best manner. 

What to Expect in a Stress Interview?

Now that you have some idea about what a stress interview is, you might still not be clear about what you will face during a stress interview. Will, he put you into some chamber that stresses you out, or what are the general tactics that can be used to stress out an interviewee. Some common methods that can be used by the interviewer during a stress interview include asking you questions that have no right answers or brainteasers. 

He can ask you how many liters of water can you fit inside the room. How many windows are there in the city? How can you sell me this pen? Am I a good interviewer? Am I asking you good or appropriate questions? On the other hand, the interview can also contain questions that are aimed at instigating you. The interviewer can ask why were you fired from your last job? Why haven’t you received proper work experience before trying out at this firm? Don’t you think you are underqualified for the job? How many other companies are you interviewing at? How is the interview going as of now? Another tactic could be complete ignorance. 

This tactic is known to instigate interviewees the most and is also the tactic that can bring out the worst in them. During this, the interviewer will simply start ignoring you and will not acknowledge you. He might even straight up tell you that he doesn’t like you. But it is upon you now to change his opinion about this. He might even ask you to answer questions repeatedly because he doesn’t like your answer much. 

Tips for a Stress Interview

The tactics of a stress interview can be difficult to deal with and are essentially very bothering and mentally draining. But this is the ultimate test. However, note that if you are well prepared for this job, you will be able to get this easily. All you need are some tips for a stress interview to get you going. 

Research Properly

One of the key aspects of a stress interview is your research. You should ensure that you research properly before coming in for the interview. If you don’t research properly, it will only add up to your stress and anxiety. If you know about the company already, some chances you’ll be able to go through the interview well because you know how it runs and what its ethics are. In addition to this, you can also do your research about the interviewer. 

Try to inquire about who he is and what his interviewing style is going to be. In most cases, companies provide information about this beforehand and even if you call the company reception for more information they will oblige happily. However, if you’re not able to gain enough from there as well, you can research online if you get any past interviews of the company and the experience of those candidates can come to your rescue. 

Stay Calm

The basic trick of giving any stressful interview is to ensure that you’re calm and composed at all times. Don’t let stress get the best of you. Ensure that you are composed and in full control of yourself. This is the test of how you’ll react in situations that are not under your control and are developed to instigate you. If you want to impress the interviewer with your problem-solving skills, you must answer properly with all your senses in use. Without this, you will lose the interview and therefore the job. If you let the stress get the best of you, it will cause you to create a wreck of yourself. So prepare for this beforehand and keep your composure during the interview.

Practice and Learn

If you don’t know how to do something, then the only way to learn it is by practicing. Practice well for the interview. If you don’t know how you can put yourself in such a situation to prepare well for the stressful interview, you can use the help of a coach or maybe some acquaintance who has an idea about how to deal with situations of a kind. This can help you improve and therefore perform your best when the situation comes. 


Stress interviews can seem like a lot when you first hear about them but once you try learning about them, you will find out that they are very beneficial for you and help you better yourself. In the process of acing this interview, you’ll end up learning a lot of things and also will be able to stay calm during direct situations. So, use these tips to ace your stress interview and get the job that you’ve always wanted. Get started with the preparation of your stress interview now with all the tips to aid you with it.