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Thu Apr 25 2024

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How To Write A Media Pitch Letter - Examples & Strategies

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A pitch letter is like a short version of the larger story you want to elaborate on. Pitch letters should not be more than a page and you must write them in the same style and genre of the publication that you are writing for. Most people use them to push themselves as experts available for interviews. These short letters are usually not quite a page attempt to steer the recipient why he should cover the story and the way it relates to his audience.

Unlike press releases and other marketing materials, media pitch letters are written to specific people instead of only people from the media. Media pitch letters would be the best option to grab media coverage for small-scale industries when the business cycle is high and competition is going on between small-scale and large-scale businesses. In this blog, we are going to learn about media pitch letters, how to create one and their examples.

How to Create Media Pitch Letters

Here are some of the best methods you can follow to create media pitch letter.

Introduce a story

Pitch letters are sometimes written as a prelude to sending an announcement or full media kit, to elucidate to the journalist why he/she should read the entire marketing materials. The sender asks the journalist’s permission to send additional materials, increasing the possibility id he will read them because he already knows how they are relevant to his audience.

Media pitch letters may also accompany press releases or full media kits, to tell them from generic press releases that journalists often discard because they do not seem to be tailored to the publication and its audience.

Seek media coverage

Media pitch letters are written to approach a journalist to cover a product or service. You can ask a journalist by writing a media pitch letter to give you a review about a book or an article even if the book is published a while back. You can also introduce yourself and offer yourself to them to be a source of articles which are published by the company you work at.

Media pitch letters help small-scale industries achieve potential clients through the review of the publication of articles by your subscribers. Media pitch letters excite a journalist’s interest and also prove why he/she should cover your articles/stories. Also, read how to improve behavioural skills to be successful.

Establish communication with a selected journalist

Unlike press releases and other kinds of publicity, media pitch letters are not mass released to journalists and media outlets. Instead, a pitch letter is supposed for a particular journalist or editor who covers your industry or focuses on the type of story you want to be written. While press releases are written for a broad audience, pitch letters are tailored to the publication the journalist writes for, taking into consideration the publication’s audience.

Well-written media pitch letters can mark the start of an ongoing relationship with the journalist, especially if you cement the non-public connection by following up with a call to debate your pitch. This personal connection can make all the difference for tiny businesses, which is also overshadowed by larger competitors and struggle to draw in media attention.

Offer a call to action

Pitch letters go a step further than press releases in soliciting media coverage, by offering specific days and times for an interview or by stating you’ll go into a specified time to debate your pitch. Because a release is distributed to numerous people, it always doesn’t include specific follow-up arrangements, but a pitch letter is meant to make a dialogue with one journalist.

Pitch letters, unlike other marketing materials, may arouse the journalist’s thoughts and suggestions regarding the story, including what angle he’d prefer to cover it from and who he’d prefer to interview. Learn the different calls to action that will help you.

Remind the reporter of a previous conversation

If you have called the journalist first to debate the pitch, you will be able to use media pitch letters after you send supporting materials to remind him of your conversation. Journalists may receive dozens of pitches weekly, so reminding him that he already expressed interest in your pitch encourages him to read your pitch letter rather than dumping it within the pile of unsolicited letters and press releases he’s probably already received.

You will also have to pitch the story again in your letter employing a different angle, to extend the possibilities of showing the journalist why your pitch has relevance to his readers. Also, refer to several free SEM tools.

Media pitch examples

Here are some of the best pitch examples for different types of situations

An influencer pitch example

Hey (influencer first name),

Hope you’re having a fabulous week! I’m reaching out from (brand) about potential collaborations with you on Instagram/YouTube. We love your content (insert recent content that appeals to you and the brand voice) and think you would be a great fit to work with on our upcoming influencer campaigns if you’re interested!

To give you some background, (brand name) is (compelling 1-2 sentences or a few bullets about brand including key differentiating factors — use this opportunity to tell a story!).

We’re looking for influencers like you to post (insert campaign details, i.e. a number of posts etc.) on YouTube/Instagram highlighting (brand) and sharing your honest review. We’re offering (insert offering – product, monetary compensation, or combination).

Would love to hear if this is something you are interested in and happy to check out your media kit! Let me know what you think, and in the meantime, you can check us out on Instagram at (hyperlink handle). 

Best wishes, 
(Your name)

A product-focused pitch example

Hi (editor first name),

Wanted to introduce you to (brand), which [insert high-level background on the brand).

We just released our new (new product) and would love to get it in your hands. I think your readers would be interested in a story on (insert 2-3 story ideas with the product catered to this outlet.)

Let me know what you think and we can ship out (product) ASAP!

Best wishes,

(Your name)

A trend pitch example

Hi (editor first name),

Would love to offer you an exclusive interview with (insert brand spokesperson) of (insert brand). Known for (insert brand spokesperson’s accomplishments), (insert brand spokesperson) is [insert ways brand spokesperson is changing the industry or fostering innovation)

I think your readers could learn a lot from (insert brand spokesperson) because (insert reasons, why readers should connect with/, learn from brand spokesperson).

Interested in connecting with (insert brand spokesperson) to learn more?

Best wishes,

(Your name)

An announcement pitch example

Hi (editor first name),

Next week, (insert brand) will announce (insert event, business change, philanthropic endeavour, etc.)

(Insert brief background info on events, business change, philanthropic endeavourseveral, etc.)

Interested in receiving the press release of the announcement? I’d also love to connect you with a spokesperson to learn more.

Best wishes,

(Your name)

(Attach press release)

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