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Wed Mar 13 2024

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Mental Health Counselor Job Description [Updated for 2024]

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Mental Health Counselor Job Description

Human psychology has a direct relationship with mental health problems and anxiety. Treating patients requires a lot of knowledge which a mental health counselor shall have. All hospitals are departments that need this person to maintain an exceptional mental health counselor job description to attract the best person available.

The selection process for this particular job position requires a lot of importance from the management. If any company needs a mental health counselor, they should select the person after matching all the responsibilities and requirements. Here, we are discussing the mental health counselor duties.

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If you have good knowledge of human psychology then you can opt for the career of mental health counselor. In the present situation, mental health and trauma have become very serious problems for common people. These people must have proper treatment for mental health problems and depression. Hospitals require professional counselors to help patients with anxiety. Various companies, schools, industries, and institutions require mental health counselors for the betterment of the employees and the student.

The management of all these departments mentions the primary responsibility in the mental health counselor job description. It is to improve the patient's mental condition by being a good observer. Your observation is a primary aspect of treating a mental health patient with anxiety and depression. Suicidal symptoms for any mental health patient are very high, and you as a counselor have to reduce and manage the patient's stress levels. Boosting the patient's self-esteem is also a primary job that you have to perform.

Here we are discussing:

  • Significance of the job description of a mental health counselor?
  • Duties of a mental health counselor
  • Necessary skills of a mental health counselor
  • Job description template of the mental health counselor
  • Example of the job description template

What is the Significance of a Mental Health Counselor Job Description?

The job description of a mental health counselor is a document that the selection committee gives to the applicant seeking a job position. The competition in this particular job role could be higher because it is difficult to perform. The selection committee looks for the perfect person fit for the job position to get the work. The committee must mention all the essential requirements of the mental health counselor in this document.

A mental health counselor for any organization or department ensures the excellent productivity of the employees. In schools, when hiring a mental health counselor, the person has to communicate with the students properly to improve their efficiency. These departments must analyze their requirements and selectively create a job description.

What are the Mental Health Counselor Duties?

The mental health counselor job description is a document that has specific duties that the candidates have to fulfill for the hospital or the department they are working for. All the managers are very specific about these duties, which are essential for the job. The mental health counselor roles and responsibilities are:

1. Evaluating patients

The primary job of a mental health counselor is to evaluate patients with anxiety and depression. A person that has life problems and is disturbed mentally requires the help of a mental health counselor. The person has to evaluate the patient as being more of a friend rather than becoming a doctor.

2. Maintaining treatment records

The counselor has to properly maintain the records of treatment of all the patients they are treating. It will help them to evaluate the improvement in the mental health of the patient or any particular patient who requires a change in treatment. It is the primary responsibility that the selection committee mentions in the mental health counselor job description.

3. Learning regularly

The mental health counselor cannot stop learning about this field. The person has to gain regular knowledge about the mental health of different people and the traumatic reasons for that. The reason for the anxiety and depression regularly change, which the counselor has to understand.

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What is Necessary to Become a Mental Health Counselor?

There are specific skills needed for mental health counselor job position. These skills have a direct relation with the performance of the counselor. The skills are:

These skills will ensure a better chance of getting the job position of mental health counselor.

What Includes in a Mental Health Counselor Job Description Template?

The job description template of a mental health counselor consists of all the information which any department can follow to hire them. It consists of all the requirements and responsibilities the mental health counselor must fulfill in the job position. The selection committee provides this document to job applicants applying for the job position. It includes:

Details of Management

The company, school, or management that requires a mental health counselor must first mention its brief detail in the document. The section will act as the introduction of the management, where they can discuss the company's working culture. They can also talk about their fame and mention the brief benefits the company will provide to the mental health counselor. The introduction has a vital part in the mental health counselor job description.

Job title

The title of the job is also essential in the job description. It has to be easy and straightforward for the applicant to understand. Here, the title shall be Mental Health Counselor. The management has to avoid adding any complexity to the title that will make it difficult for the applicant to understand. It should be straightforward and easy for the applicant to apply quickly.

Overview of Job

The job overview is the category where the management must start mentioning the brief details of the position. The brief requirements that the mental health counselor has to perform will come under this category. The applicant attracts themselves to the job overview section of the job description because it speaks about the work which they have to do. The management must keep this section of the mental health counselor job description very attractive.


The most necessary part of the job description is where the management has to mention the responsibilities of the mental health counselor. The selection committee has to properly analyze all the duties that the Counselor has to perform and mention all of them properly. The ultimate selection of the mental health counselor as an employee happens according to the ability to perform all these duties. The duties are essential for this position and it requires add-on skills.


The mental health counselor qualifications are essential for the job position. Proper educational qualifications are necessary for the counselor to gain the trust of the management. The knowledge and experience of the person are also necessary for the job position. Mental health counselors have to regularly increase their knowledge by learning more.


The advantages that the mental health counselor will get from the company that they will work with are also essential. The company must mention it properly in the mental health counselor job description. It will attract the attention of the applicants if the company mentions the essential advantages of tax benefits and health insurance. It is a section that improves the motivation of the employees to apply and work for the company.

Other requirements

If the company or the management has a specific requirement of skills and experience, then it will come under this category. The mental health counselor requires the necessary skills and more experience to get a job. According to these requirements, the company will select the most appropriate candidate for the job role.


Mental health counselor salary is a necessary part of the job description that the selection committee has to mention. The committee should mention a range of amounts that might determine according to the experience. The company can also mention the details of insurance and increment plans in this section of the job description.

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Mental Health Counselor Job Description Template.webp


Any company, school, or management has to focus on having a proper mental health counselor to manage the employees or the students. PNH is a company that can help you to have a proper mental health counselor job description.

The mental health counselor will directly determine the efficiency of the employees working in the company. The person has to perform a job that is more essential than a doctor, which requires a great educational qualification, studies, and knowledge.

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