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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

6 Essential Points To Remember While Writing A Letter Of Inquiry

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letter of inquiry

Many times in our life, we have to write an inquiry letter. It is crucial to understand the various aspects of something that might be missing. A letter of inquiry can be sent for any information that you need but don’t have. This can be therefore a very aspect when you’re trying to know about any job offers, workshops in your area, and responsibilities of your new job. For any query, just send off a letter of enquiry. But now the main question is about how to write an enquiry letter. There are so many things that can come into your mind when you think of writing a letter of inquiry or the inquiry letter format.

However, there is a right way to do it. Most people face this problem initially. And when they get the hang of writing them, they generally get the gist of how to write an enquiry letter. This can come in real handy for many real-life problems. So if you’re stuck about how to write a letter of enquiry, we have you covered. 

6 Most Essential Points for Writing Inquiry Letter

Here is the list of some of the most important points that you need to remember while writing a letter of inquiry

Start with the Basic Letter Format

The basic inquiry letter format is the same as any other business letter. You have to start with the sender’s address. Enter your name and then you have to mention your full address. Your address can spam about two lines where the first line depicts the house number, street number and hate the second line depicts the area where you live and the city. You can also add the zip code or pin code in the last line if you feel like it. Then you have to spare a line or give a line worth of space. Then you have to put in the address of the receiver. This starts with the name of the addressee. 

Then you have to add in the designation of the person and then the name and address of the company where they work at. Any other work address of the employee will also work. If you’re not sure about which employee to refer it to, you can just change it with the name of the department with whom you want to inquire about your query. 

Write a Short Subject

After that your basic inquiry letter format is completed, you should write up a short subject that is relevant to the enquiry letter. This will ensure that the receiver is clear about what the contents of the letter are going to contain.  It will further specify what your letter is about which will ensure that it doesn’t get stacked up in the queue of letters that will never be addressed or will be addressed too late. Your subject should not exceed one line. Make it crisp and abstract.  For example, if you want to know about a job opening, you can just write a subject like “inquiry for the sales manager position”. This will maintain a certain level of clarity to the reader about your letter of inquiry. 

Use the Correct Salutation

To address the recipient ensure that you use the correct salutation. Ensure to gather proper information about the person to whom you’ll be writing to. Accordingly, add the salutation. You can use something like Dear Mr./Ms. (last name). This is a formal way to address someone senior to you and someone that you don’t know and therefore will deem to be more suitable than any other salutation. To whom it may concern might also be used in some cases. 

Write a Short Descriptive Body

Then you should begin by writing the body of the letter. For the first few lines, you should give a brief introduction and you can elaborate a little based on the subject that you wrote. For example, for the job enquiry letter, you should write something like “I am writing to you about your advertisement in the Times of India regarding a vacancy for a sales manager”. This should be a sufficient introduction that explains why you are writing and the source of your information that enabled you to write about this letter of inquiry. 

Conclude it Properly and Sign it off

You should then continue to conclude the letter properly. You can do it easily by reiterating your concern or adding some more concerns that you want to know more about. For example, you can write something like “I would also like to know about the requirements of the job”. Then you should end with anticipation to hear from them and further thank them in advance for their gesture or response. This would cast a nice impression of you on them. Then, you just have to write something along the lines of “Yours sincerely” or “yours faithfully” and then sign it off with your name and optionally your contact details such as your phone number in case they want to talk to you through some other mode of communication. 

Proofread Your Letter

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while writing an enquiry letter is not about the inquiry letter format, it is about their spelling and grammatical errors that they forget to rectify. A little spelling hazard can make your letter illegible. Therefore, it is recommended that you conduct one spelling and grammar check and also proofread your letter before you send it off. It will ensure that it has no errors and is your best attempt at writing the letter. 


The chaos around the letter of inquiry doesn’t last too long. Once that you’ll have written and sent a few of these letters, you’ll be able to understand easily how to write these letters and what the inquiry letter format is based on the circumstance and the person that you’re referring to. The one thing that you want to make sure of is that your letter is short and to the point because the person reading it will not have a lot of time to address your problems. So ensure to complete your queries in just a few lines so that you can explain the gist of your problem to him and then he can further look into it.