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Fri Feb 09 2024

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What Does The Average Sales Manager Salary Look Like?

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Average sales manager salary

Sales are a hallmark of any capitalist economy and employ millions of people. Sales managers are essential to the growth and development of a company. A sales manager ensures that the company keeps making profits. Since customer service is an exceptionally valued milestone, sales managers play an essential role in nearly every industry. The average sales manager salary varies from industry to industry, but this is a lucrative position with many promotional aspects to look forward to.

If you are good with numbers and have good people skills, sales might be the right place to flourish and grow. A career as a sales manager promises dynamic growth and challenges. Here we have explained everything you would need to consider for a career in sales.

What Is The Job Of A Sales Manager?

A sales manager overlooks a company's sales team and formulates a strategy. The exact responsibilities of a sales manager differ based on the kind of industry and size of the company. However, the primary responsibility of every sales manager involves the direct distribution of goods and services, training sales workers, and establishing sales goals. The average sales manager salary depends on how well these activities are carried out to bring profits to the company.

To attain sales goals, sales managers must implement their company's sales activities and programs. All companies project sales goals depending on how far they want to scale themselves. A sales manager overlooks the sales and marketing divisions to ensure these goals can be met.

Sales managers are also responsible for improving profits and maintaining customer satisfaction. With proper customer satisfaction, there will be enough sales to motivate growth. Sales managers also recruit and train sales employees to ensure the company gets talented sales people. Thus, sales managers need to have good communication and leadership skills. Theaverage sales manager salary depends significantly on how well the sales manager carries out their responsibilities.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Sales Managers?

Most sales manager roles can be divided into B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). Although many other boundaries are based on the industry type, these are the two broad categories of sales managers.

  • B2B sales managers are responsible for overlooking goods and services sales between businesses, such as from a wholesaler to a retailer.
  • B2C sales managers are responsible for overlooking sales of goods and services between businesses and customers. They advertise and sell their goods directly to the end users.

The average sales manager salary also depends on the kind of sales required. Usually, the B2B sales director average salary is more than its B2C counter part. However, this also depends on the industry type and job description. Since sales managers work in a leadership role, they make more than the usual salaries in sales. The industry and product being sold highly influence the average pay for sales manager.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Average Sales Manager Salary?

Many factors affect thehead of sales average salaryin different countries. We have looked at some of them here:


Location is the most important determinant for an inside sales director salary, or any sales manager's salary is the location of the office/company. Big cities offer more incentives; thus, people residing in these cities can make more than their counter parts in smaller towns. For example, a sales manager living in Mumbai will make more than one living in Kochi.


The average sales manager salary is also determined by the experience one has in the sales field. A fresher will earn less compared to someone with years of experience. With more experience, there are more opportunities to grow and earn better pay. With improved experience, one can be promoted to head of sales or sales director. The head of sales average salary is significantly more than an entry level inside sales representative salary.

Skill Set

The following determinant that can factor in the average sales manager salary is the individual's skill set. Some people have a natural flair for sales. They are born with an innate talent to sell anything to anyone. However, this does not indicate that only these people do well in sales. There are several practical and professional skills to learn that can also improve one's understanding of sales.

Candidates who want to go into sales much be proficient in their communication skill, have a good sense of leadership quality, be thorough with CRM, and so on. Business development is also a vital asset when it comes to heading sales. Strategic sales and management are other skills that can get you a higher salary.

The Industry/Company

Lastly, the employer plays a significant role in determining the average sales manager salary. As we have mentioned earlier, in most cases, B2B businesses see a higher salary for sales than B2C businesses. Industries such as pharmaceuticals have advantageous sales programs. Hence someone in pharmaceutical sales can earn significantly more than their counterparts in other industries. The sales development representative salary also depends on the company. A more prominent company with more branches and clients will have a higher pay scale than a start-up.

How Can You Become A Sales Manager?

If these statistics about theaverage sales manager salarypiqued your interest, you could try your hand at sales. Becoming a sales manager requires a certain level of education and specific skills. There is no clear-cut method to go into sales since anyone with sales insight can make a good living out of this profession with any educational background. However, employers look for specific critical skills and backgrounds when hiring salespeople.


Most companies require a graduate degree from any discipline to hire a sales person. However, a background in economics, finance, marketing, management, accounting mathematics, and business development will get you brownie points. It is because these courses already give you some basic understanding of what a career in sales can look like. The average sales manager salary depends on one's educational background because, with a strong foundation, you can quickly grasp sales concepts.

However, some sales manager positions may not require a formal degree. This is particularly true when it comes to retail. A lot of sales managers start their jobs as customer representatives. They bring in their experience with customers to the forefront when it comes to sales.


Employers prefer candidates with experience in sales or a related field such as marketing, accounting, or business development. It is because someone with experience will bring a better perspective to the game and contribute more than someone without experience in the field. The average sales manager salary is also greatly determined by the kind of work experience one has. With improved experience comes a better salary.


As mentioned already, skills play a significant role in sales. Professional skills such as team management, delegation, customer service, and problem-solving can be convenient when making a career in sales. Sales managers need to work with other departments to streamline operations to ensure profitability. It requires an understanding of professional collaboration. Data analysis is also a convenient skill since sales managers are routinely required to analyze statistical data about sales. The average sales manager salary can differ based on how well the person is equipped with these skills.


While this is not a necessary tool to qualify as a sales manager, it certainly provides an edge compared to other candidates. Many courses offer sales certifications, which can boost your credentials. Some of these can help you hone the skills required as a salesperson, such as communication, leadership, business acumen, team-building principles, recruitment skills, etc. A certification is like a cherry on the cake regarding improving the average sales manager salary.

In Conclusion

The job market for sales is always promising because all industries need people who can ensure profitability. With an improvement in sales certification and training courses, it is possible to bag outstanding salaries as a sales manager and work in a dynamic environment.

Frequently Aksed Question

Q1. What does the head of sales mean?

Ans: The head of sales is a senior-level position in the company. This person overlooks the work of the entire sales department.

Q2. How does a director of sales get paid?

Ans: The salary of a sales director depends on the industry, the experience of the person, and their professional background.

Q3. Is the sales director higher than the sales manager?

Ans: A sales director usually overlooks the working of the entire sales department, while a sales manager overlooks the functioning of one particular sales team.

Q4. Are sales managers in high demand?

Ans: Sales managers are in high demand because companies always strive for increased profitability.