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Thu Dec 07 2023

5 min read

Want To Get A Stable Job? Here's The Ultimate Guide For Jobs Without SSN

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jobs without ssn

A social security number, or ssn, can be very crucial to any US resident. The nine digits can decide a lot about you and serve as one of the most important things about the US resident. This is because the social security number plays a vital role in determining the legal benefits a person is entitled to, to get various benefits of government policies, and other such factors. Needless to say, it can be very difficult to get jobs without SSN. So that might raise a question in your mind, are there jobs that don’t require social security? Well, partly. There can be cases for both US-borns and Non-US citizens not having a social security number. But does that mean that they have no career ahead of them? 

There are many ways through which you can get jobs without SSN initially, however, continuing the jobs without SSN for long can be very difficult and unacceptable in many ways. But there can be a way out of anything and there are many ways out of this condition as well. 

Types of jobs without SSN

Without SSN, it is unlikely for you to earn a high-paying job at a multinational corporation in the United States. This is because just like other documents like identification proof and resume, and SSN is also an important document that must be revealed to the employer before recruitment. It is legally not allowed for many employees to just recruit people that don’t have a social security number. However, many small-scale workers, manual labour workers, and independent contractors do hire people that don’t have a social security number. This can be done because most of this work is illegal and is not shown to the government. Therefore, you get no job security with this work. If the government finds out about it, it can cancel the license of the employer and also deport you immediately. 

However, some independent contractors that do this need you to provide a W9 form at the end of the year which helps them file taxes. Even when this work is legal, you don’t get paid much and there is no scope for growth. If you want to work in good organizations, you can tell them the reason why you don’t have a social security number or just show a receipt of you having applied for it within a few days of hiring. This can ensure that you stay safe and can also get a job. 

What other choices are available?

Whatever that the case might be, it becomes greatly important to have a social security number with yourself as there aren’t many jobs that don’t require a social security number. But you can do many things that can help you get a stable job. 

Show proof of application

The first and best thing that you can do to get jobs without SSN is to show proof of having applied for a social security number. There are a variety of ways by which you can apply for a social security number. The US citizens can directly apply at the security office along with their proof of identity. 

However, the immigrants or non-residents of the United States are liable to apply for one while they’re applying for their visa. Alternatively, they can visit the local social security office and apply for the same right there. When they have applied for the social security number, the person will be handed a receipt that will inform them about their application. Therefore, any employer that might demand the social security number can be handed over the application and they will understand. However, they will require you to present a social security number as soon as possible. 

Explain your situation beforehand

If you haven’t already applied for the social security number, you can just go ahead and make things clear with your employer right from the beginning. It will avoid any confusion later and will also present your true condition in front of them. In this manner, you’ll be able to figure out the solution and maybe the employer tries to help you out. The employer generally checks the employee through a private background check or by using many other sources like the social security number. So this information might be crucial for him and he might ask for you to provide this information as soon as possible. 

However, many employers are willing to help employees that are stuck with this process. They might help you get a social security number and a work visa faster. So you can check in with them beforehand if they are willing to help you or not. 

Apply as soon as possible

The best solution to this problem is to get a social security number as soon as possible. Once that you’ve registered for it, you can get your social security number within 90 days of registration. So, you can try if you get jobs without SSN within those days by providing proof of application. Otherwise, you can wait until you get your social security number. Unlike getting a job, you don’t need a social security number to live in the United States.

It is just a facility that enables you to get social security benefits and harness government policies. So there is no such need of having a social security number to live there. But when it comes to working, it is best to apply as soon as possible. 

Final words

There aren’t many jobs that don’t require a social security number. This number is very crucial to get proper jobs in good organizations. It is important to get a social security number as soon as you can to get your hands on the best available jobs. You don’t want to lose out on a good job opportunity because you didn’t have a social security number. The jobs that are available without SSN are not very reliable and can also be illegal. This is something that you don’t want to enroll in as it can not only affect your life now but also affect your prospects.