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Sat Dec 02 2023

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5 Important Principles Of Human Resource Development You Must Know

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human resource development

Employees are the pillars of any organization. The present and future of the company depend on its workforce. If they are effective and efficient, the productivity of the company will increase. For improving the productivity of the company as well as its workforce, HRD programs are implemented by the organization. Now the question about what is human resource development must be arising in your mind. Human resource development is the practice of training the employees to become productive. HRD meaning can be understood as the combination of training programs that are used by organizations and individuals to develop their effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace. It helps an individual to learn new things, get experience and improve their performance. If you come across a question about what is HRD? you can give a response by saying, it is a developmental program that helps the organization in building and strengthening its workforce.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development is a part of human resource management(HRM). Its main aim is to polish the skills, qualities, knowledge and abilities of the employees at an organizational and personal level. HRD meaning can be seen as the collection of programs such as employee training, mentoring, coaching, performance development and management, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, organization development and employee career development. The main aim of human resource development is to build an amazing workforce. Once you know what is HRD and what power it possesses, you will be able to maintain the talent of your organization. If you provide your employees with good training programs, they will remain motivated and faithful to the company. 

Principles of Human Resource Development

HRD helps the organization in increasing its profitability because of the improved quality of the employees. Being an employer, you should be aware of what is HRD and how it works to regulate it properly within the organization. You should be aware of its rules and regulations to enforce them in a better way. Below mentioned principles will help you in understanding HRD meaning and how it is regulated –


The foremost principle of human resource management is its strategic approach. By strategic, we mean that HR departments emphasize the goals of the organization. For achieving the goals of the organization keeping the interest of employees in mind, skills and qualities of the workforce are a crucial element. The organization focus on goal-oriented skills. Hence, the HRD program focuses on the development of the skills that can help achieve the objectives of the organization.

Identification of employees skills profiles and gaps

The next aim of the program is to identify the skills possessed by the employees and skills at which they lacked. This will help you in properly implementing the HRD program for training the employees. For identifying the skill acquired by the employees and the skill gaps, you should compare the skills employees have and the skills required to accomplish the objective of the organization. Secondly, you should monitor the individual performance and analyze the workforce management data collected by the organization. Lastly, have a sharp eye on the new trends in the industry to evaluate the requirement of new skills that are needed to be developed to achieve the goal of the organization.

Development of HRD plan

The HRD plan should be formed and should include the priorities of human resource development. The plan should include the skill development priorities, sources of the funding plan to implement it effectively and allotment of responsibility for evaluation and implementation of the plan. 

Formation of individual development programs

You should form plans for developing the required skills in individual employees based on their potential. It helps in identifying the skills specifically for each employee. It should be developed in such a way that it targets the performance expected by the employees. Secondly, you should examine the individual skill level based on the job requirement, individual needs and organizational needs. 

Accessible and Equal

The HRD program should give equal opportunity to all the employees. It should be accessible by everyone in a fair manner. If it is provided to employees equally, it will give a fair chance to them to maximize their skills. You should provide them with a wide range of training programs and employ different methods to make them learn new skills that will be in the interest of both, the organization and the employees.

Benefits of human resource development

HRD meaning can be understood as the programs that are implemented in the organization by the HR department to increase the productivity of the employees. You can use two training methods, formal and informal training to get the maximum benefits of the HRD program. Formal training includes in-class training, college courses and planned organizational changes. Whereas informal training includes monitoring, coaching by managers, senior employees and consultants. It includes assignment works, classes, self-study and field trips. These methods will help you in getting the below-mentioned benefits –

  1. Development of new skills, qualities and knowledge in the employees.
  2. Increase the productivity of the organization.
  3. Increase in team spirit and participation among employees.
  4. Increase in loyalty, trust and respect for the organization among employees.
  5. Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational culture.
  6. Employees become more flexible and their adaptability towards change increases.
  7. Increase in problem-solving quality of the employees.
  8. It helps in improving the quality of human resource planning for collecting valuable data related to employees programs and policies.

Concluding note

Human Resource Development is the best way of improving the performance of the organisation as well as the employees. Once you know what is human resource development, its principles, functions and benefits, you will be able to implement it in the organisation effectively. It not only trained the employees for the present job but also prepared them for the future. It is a learning-oriented program that you can employ in the organization to polishing and develop new skills in your employees. 


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