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Sat Dec 16 2023

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$50k-$125k Full-Time Remote IT Jobs

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There are many places available online to find a remote full-time job in IT for you. But it might get difficult to choose the best place to search for the remote IT job you desire from the many options available. In this blog, we have given a comprehensive list of places where you can easily find the remote IT job you are looking for.

It is well known that working remotely can help you earn a pretty decent amount. But searching for a remote IT job can be a huge task in itself. It is because not every job will offer you what you're worth, and not every worthy job will offer the working environment you need.

Thus, knowing where to find the perfect place to find an IT job to work remotely is vital. This blog will help you find full-time remote IT jobs.

What does it mean by a remote job?

A remote job refers to a type of employment where an individual can perform their professional duties from a location outside of the traditional environment, which is an office. This generally includes working from home or another location of your own choice, which can even be your favourite cafe. Technology like laptops and mobiles with a good internet connection is used to stay connected with colleagues and complete your job responsibilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the culture of remote working into the mainstream, and today, almost every desk job can be done remotely. This has opened a realm of opportunities for professionals seeking full-time remote IT jobs. Companies pay IT, professionals, without watering down their pay rates, even if they are working remotely. Let us see where you can find good full-time IT jobs to work remotely.

Top places to search for remote full-time IT jobs

Pitch N Hire

If you have ever searched for a job, whether it be a full-time job, a part-time one, or a place for freelancing, you might have come across this website. Pitch n Hire is one of the most popular sites for seeking job opportunities. It is one of the first choices among recruiters for better candidate engagement. Apart from traditional jobs, the site has a separate listing for remote jobs, which includes IT jobs remote full-time that you can customise according to your needs and apply for accordingly. If you’re craving a good place to hire you, Pitch N Hire will surely help you.


In the second place, we have AngelList, which is famous for start-up jobs. This website provides a list of various developing companies that offer multiple opportunities for jobs in the IT sector. It includes remote working as well. The job board consists of a description of the companies for your convenience. If you always wanted to work for innovative start-ups, this site will help you the best.


RemoteOK is well-known for classifying remote jobs for you according to your needs. It has a filter option from which you can choose the date and category of the full-time remote IT jobs you are seeking. This helps to make the search highly convenient for you, and you can easily find your dream remote job in IT in no time. So if you are looking for a remote IT job, this place will not disappoint you.


Dice is yet another place where you can easily find IT jobs while working remotely. It has a helpful board for start-ups and tech companies. You can find numerous IT-related jobs on this site. It is one of the best places to search for remote IT jobs.

Company Websites

Many companies do not believe in posting their job opportunities on any platform other than their official websites. If your dream company is one of them, you have no option but to regularly check the official website of the company. Apart from those, try to keep an eye on company websites that align with your expertise in the IT field.


LinkedIn jobs are one of the best places to find full-time remote IT jobs. Here, there is a large pool of recruiters as well as job seekers. It is as good as a mine for remote job seekers in any field, including IT. You can easily search for a company that you desire to work for. Also, you can just search according to your needs for a remote job. There are filters to be able to land that one desired job. You can easily connect with IT professionals with the same mindset or interests.

Built In

Built In is similar to a community where you will find everyone. It has big company giants to small start-ups within the IT sector. This place is very helpful if you're looking for full-time remote IT jobs and are confused about where to apply. This place will allow you to research companies according to your needs and decide where you want to apply. If you are a newbie, this is the perfect place to search for a remote IT job.


The digital world and developments in it during the last few years have reshaped the way IT professionals work. It has allowed them to explore full-time remote IT jobs with minimal limitations, including no geographical boundaries. The industry has encouraged the new mindset that it doesn’t matter where you are working unless your work is of high quality.

With the help of the above-given sources, you can search for the best place to work remotely and show off your skills in IT simultaneously. But remember, even if you are working remotely, you need to try and provide top-notch results to your employer. Working remotely is nothing less than working in the office itself.

Wondering which source to try out first for IT jobs remote full time? We suggest checking out Pitch N Hire’s job portal by booking a free consultation.

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