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Tue Nov 28 2023

5 min read

4 Ways To Formulate A Coming Late To Office Message| Template Provided

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coming late to office message

You are late for office again and you do not know what answer to give to your boss who is losing his/her mind. No employee has ever survived without hearing a mouthful of shouts for being late and once a person commits a mistake, he/she tends to do it again. It is better, to tell the truth to your boss if you are late for work. Genuine reasons are sympathetic and helpful at the time.

Some say that truth fixes everything but sometimes it does not turn out the way we desire so we choose the other option that is, giving excuses. If you are late for silly reasons then do not open your mouth. Get to know all the platforms through which you can send you an office message. The most professional way is through the mail but people send on WhatsApp or normal messages nowadays.

There are several excuses for being late for work. In this blog, we are going to go through the different situations on how to send coming late to office messages so without further adieu let us go through with it. But, before we initiate there are few steps to write an ‘I will be late to office today message:’

Steps to keep in mind while writing the message

Here are some of the effective steps that you need to follow to write a coming late message

Don’t lie

‘To err is human.’ There is a thick line of difference between giving excuses and lying. It is better not to lie and confront. Do not give lame excuses like ‘the cow came in front of my car and I lost control and it was not moving and the road was blocked because of the cow.’

This excuse is for students of their second standard but it is not applicable for them either, nowadays. The risk of getting caught by lying in our professional life is huge and dangerous because when you lie, you fumble. And once you fumble there is no going back to the calm road.

So it is better, to be honest even if the truth is horrifying like you woke up late or had to iron your clothes.


If you know that you have done something wrong for which you have to be apologetic about then apologize for it. You must not take it casually. You work in a professional workplace and have to be strictly professional about it. After stating the reason for you being late, you must tell your boss how guilty you are about the whole fiasco. 

Appreciate your boss

It might be wise at the tip of the workday to relinquish your boss and appreciation for being understanding of your schedule. You do not need to convey it up if your manager has moved on, however, if they were particularly receptive or accommodating it is worth acknowledging that. It is necessary to thank your boss for being understanding.  

If the reason behind which you are late is genuine and not your fault then follow the sample message mentioned below:

Hi (Boss’s Name), (learn the tricks to use salutation)

 Due to (cause of being late), I’m running late this morning. I hope to rush into the office by (time).

 I apologize for the inconvenience. With great care you’re aware, I have got (what is on your schedule) and still arrange to get (projects that are due today) to you by (deadline for today).

 Please let me know if there is anything I can neutralize in the meantime, I will be available via (phone/email) until I purchase it.

 (Your Name)

If the reason behind which you are late is absolutely your fault then follows the sample message mentioned below:

Hi (sir/ma’am),

 I’m sorry, but I am visiting be (time) late this morning. I realize this can be an enormous inconvenience for you and promise to not make this a typical occurrence.

 In the meantime, I’m still shooting to urge (projects that are due today) to you by (deadline for today) and make the (meetings you have got for today). I will be available by (phone/email) if you wish anything from me before IA purchases to the office.

 So sorry again,

 (Your Name)

If you are going to miss out on an event fault then follow the sample message mentioned below:

Hi (sir/ma’am),

 I’m so sorry, but I’m running (time) late this morning due to (reason). I am trying my best to arrive at the office at around (time).

 I know we’ve got (meeting) scheduled for (time). If I can’t make it face to face, would it not be possible to maneuver it to (alternative time)/call in via phone/get the notes from someone/revisit the discussion in our one-on-one meeting? I also still wear the docket to induce you (projects that are due today) by (deadline) and haven’t any doubt those are going to be ready in time. Again, my sincerest apologies—I’m substantially planning for this to not be a frequent occurrence!

 (Your Name)

In certain cases, it would make more sense to contact your boss informally because that is how they incline to speak of their lateness. After all, that is what they asked you to try to do, or because you’re not visiting be so late that you just want to form an enormous administration of it.

It also can be a much better strategy if you wish to make certain your boss gets your message before it’s too late (like if they are getting ready to have back-to-back meetings).

On-call message

 Hi (sir/ma’am), just wanted to inform you that I’m running (time) late because of [reason]. So sorry for the inconvenience, and I promise to stay posted on my whereabouts.

 I’m really sorry, but I’m running late this morning due to (reason). I expect to be in by (time) but will allow you to know if that changes. In the meantime, I will be available by (a form of communication) for any price urgent. I hope to create it by [meeting] but if not (how you’ll form up for missing it). I sent you an email but wanted to apologize again because I am running late this morning. I should be in by (time). Thanks for understanding! Again, my sincerest apologies!