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Sat Feb 24 2024

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How can a Training Policy in HRM be Maintained?

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The development of the employee happens with the company. It overall creates a benefit for the company. The performance of the employee improves. It increases the profit of the organization. The organization has to maintain a template of training policy in HRM. The motivation and connection of the employee with the company improve. The training policies of human resource management define the productivity and performance of the company. Here in this article, we will talk about the training policies in HRM.

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Training policy in HRM is essential to enforce on the employee. Human resource management has established a lot of businesses. The training procedure in HRM is the primary source. Training the employee helps the business to perform well. The motivation of the employee increases with good training.

All employees in the company need a strong base of training. Training needs to take place to get accustomed to the company's policies. All organizations have an established training policy in HRM. The company can provide Long-term training to improve employee skills. Organizations also have HR training policies. These are to train the human resource managers of the company. They can be effective in the job.

What is the Meaning of Training Policy in HRM?

The training policy of the HRM means the development of the employee. Training can be provided to existing employees. The newly recruited employees also require short-term training for the proper development of the employee in the company. Training needs to occur to understand new responsibilities.

Training has been a direct part of the learning program. Organizations also provide individual training programs. These are for selected candidates who have worked for a long while in the company. The individual training program is specially related to the HR training policies. Human resource managers need specific training.

What is the Importance of Training Policy in HRM?

The training and development policy in HRM is an essential procedure. It is essential to maintain a policy of training to develop the company. The primary importance of the training policy in HRM are:

  • It builds a connection between the company and the employee.
  • The procedure ensures that the employees of the company know the best practices. They are educated about the policies of the company.
  • The training policies improve the productivity of the employee. It ensures that the company will receive regular returns. The prophets of the company will increase.
  • The training policy in HRM will make the workplace more organized. Maintaining the procedures will improve the work environment. All the employees will connect. The relationship between the HR and the employee will be good.

Organizations understand how important it is to maintain a proper policy of training. Human resource management benefits itself through the training procedures.

What are the Types of Training Policy in HRM?

Human resource management has different types of training policies. There are six primary types of training policies in HRM. These training types are best for any organization to develop its employees. The types of training policies are:

1. Orientation Training

Orientation Training is a very simple type of training policy. The company defines the structure and culture of the organization to the employee. The discussion of the activities of the organization occurs. This training procedure in HRM is for new employees in the organization. They require initial details of the company for the development.

2. Onboarding Process

The process of onboarding is also a part of the training policy in HRM. People always need clarification about boarding orientation. Orientation happens only one time while onboarding is a long process. The onboarding process ensures the worker gets adjusted to the company. They take part in the regular activities in multiple sessions.

3. Technical Training

It is a very important sector of training in any company. The employee must boost their technical skills. These technical skills will help the employee to do their job as the company wants. Organizations need to provide specialized training to the existing employees. The people working for a long time or highly aged.

4. Product Training

Any company that sells different products needs this training. They need to train the Employees with the products they are selling. The employees are supposed to know all details of the products. These include the features, benefits, and history of the product. The company needs to give special product training to the employees who directly interact with the customers.

5. Training of the Soft Skills

Technical and product training is a core training of the company. Apart from that, the employee needs to build certain soft skills. These are for the personal development of the employee. The soft skills include:

  • Leadership Ability
  • Skills of Communication
  • Management of time
  • Managerial Skills
  • Ability to solve any problem
  • Management of Stress

An employee should have all these skills to build a personality. It will improve the personal development of the employee. The confidence of the employee will also increase. The training will improve the overall productivity of the company.

6. Law Training

It is a mandatory training policy in any organization. The employee needs to be strained about work safety and sexual harassment. The organization shall convey the mandatory policies of the company to the employee. The candidates should be mentally fit for the job role. For this, they should understand the mandatory law training they receive.

What are the HR Training Policy in HRM?

The organization is scheduled to train the human resource managers in the company. The HR policies training and development are important to maintain. The human resource managers determine the training of the employees further. The organization needs to select good HR for its development. The HR Training Policies are:

1. Communicative Training

The HR of the company should have proper communication skills. An important HR training policy in HRM is communication training. The manager needs to have communication skills to develop the organization. The HR has to communicate with the employees and the senior officials of the company. They represent the company in important meetings with other organizations.

2. Rotation of Job

It is a pre-employment training program. The manager needs to understand the rotation assignments. They should have the ability to rotate any employee for a job role. HR should understand when an employee is rotating from one job role to another.

3. Compliance Training

Compliance Training happens to ensure proper governance in the company. This reduces the risks of losses for the company. The training is given for HR to understand and record the evaluation of the employees. They should know the performance of the employees for the organization.

4. Training of Creativity

HR should always have a creative mind. Creativity training is a very important training policy in HRM for any HR. They should have proper knowledge about what they are doing. An HR must impart creative skills to the Employees. HR itself should develop innovative ideas. A creative HR improves the productivity of the company.

What are the Duties of an HR during the Training Policy in HRM?

HR has to have a very important role in human resource management training policy. There are certain duties that they need to maintain. The duties of HR are:

1. Assessing Training Needs

HR needs to understand the training needs. They should be involved in the analysis of the employee's skills and the organisation's requirements. They are responsible for conducting the entire training process.

2. Designing the Training Programs

The HR is responsible for designing the training programs. They need to schedule the training sessions and convey the participants. They need to ensure that the necessary materials are ready. The HR needs to ensure that the training occurs keeping all the law training policies in mind.

3. Evaluation of the Training

The HR has to evaluate the outcome of the training. They shall understand whether the employee’s skills and knowledge got improved with the training. The HR should evaluate the employee's performance before and after the training. They have to give feedback to the company's senior officials after the training.

4. Setting Goals for the Employees

The HR is responsible for setting up new goals for the employees after the training. During the training process, the HR shall keep all the policies in mind.

If the training and performance of HR are successful, then the company's productivity will increase.


The training policy in HRM is important for the development of the company. Human resource management training helps to analyze the requirements of the company. The human resource managers shall be responsible for the entire training process. HR training should also be perfect in that case.

The company shall discuss the training and development programs with the employees. The productivity development of the company is related to the performance of the employees. The company needs to provide good training to the Employees for the development of the worker. It will improve the productivity of the organization. The company should maintain proper training policies for good training programs for the employee.