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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

The Best Strategy For Successful Remote Prospecting For 2022 Revealed

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Successful Remote Prospecting

There has been an increase in the practice of remote prospecting owing to the opportunity to access additional markets, save money on travel, and connect with a wider audience on social media. But what's the winning strategy for prospecting remotely in the most efficient way?

In this article, we have jotted down all the information you must need about remote prospecting in 2021. 

Step by step remote prospecting process

The process of remote prospecting consists of 4 components:

  • Targeting
  • Number of steps
  • Timing between steps
  • Timing of steps

Targeting prospects

Why did you write this sequence? To a smaller group of listeners, you may tailor your message to their specific needs and interests. Of course, there is a decreasing return—you cannot sell to an audience of one. However, segmenting customers into personas or verticals and developing messages tailored to each is a good start.

Matching messages to segments yields the following outcomes:

  • Increased response rates: It's more likely to be viewed as genuine and not spamming.
  • The quality of your "pocket story" will improve: Reps who stick to a few well-defined portions learn amazing stories that they can recite again and time again without forgetting.
  • Reduced errors: One-on-one attention means that they are less likely to mention things that are not relevant to your sector.

Number of steps

What is the optimal number of touchpoints for your flow? The number is always greater than you expect. It's well accepted that the majority of prospects don't reply until at least 10 touchpoints have been made by the seller. Those low single-digit success rates are a direct result of that imbalance.

Consider your tone to increase the number of steps in your sequences. You could receive a rapid answer if you're pushy and believe they owe you anything, but it won't be the one you want. However, if it's gently persistent, you may get away with a lot of touches, which will help them get familiar with your brand. You may not be able to talk to them immediately, but your message and your brand as a vendor will begin to take root.

If this email or message were posted online, how would it look? This will deter your sales staff from going overboard with their persistence. It's always a good idea to assume the best of your customers. This is one of the important things that you should keep in mind while doing remote prospecting marketing.

Timing between steps

An aggressive outreach cadence might irritate individuals just like a high step count does. But if you message someone twice and then go a month without contacting them, they'll likely forget you. There will be an automatic reset of the 'personal rep branding' clock. In a sense, each time you reach out, you're starting anew.

The finest cadences begin with a flurry of five touches across several channels and communications forms and then continue at a steady cadence.

Timing of steps

Where and when are you most likely to respond? A Sunday night email may be both a benefit and a curse depending on who you're trying to reach. A rule of thumb for time may be developed by averaging enough touches and accounts and then being able to tailor it as needed.

If you use a sales enablement programme, it may inform you exactly when your recipient is most likely to receive your email.

The following are some examples of timing guidelines:

  • Late at night and early in the morning, sales managers empty their inboxes.
  • After dinner or before the kids go to bed, executives check their email.
  • Developers usually begin their workdays at the end of the day.
  • On LinkedIn, traditional industries such as manufacturing are less likely to be represented.
  • If a person isn't a desk worker, it will be much more difficult to get in touch with them by email.
  • During dinner, restaurateurs are tough to reach.
  • Weekends are prime time for homebuyers.

Best outreach method for remote prospecting

For each touch, what kind of outreach strategy will you use? Emails and phone calls work well together, for example. Because you have no idea which channels your potential customer favors, it's a good idea to try a range of approaches and track which ones are most effective.


The good news is that nearly everyone in the corporate sector utilizes email, and business people get an average of 126 emails every day. In the worst-case scenario, much of it will go unnoticed since it is spam. Writing an email that evades their spam trap, a subject line and body text that passes the "Is this a genuine person?" a smell test, and a clear call-to-action that encourages a response are all challenges you face.

Points to keep in mind

  • Consider what else is vying for their attention in their email.
  • If you anticipate that recipients will be reading your emails on mobile devices, consider making them shorter.
  • Send them at the right moment by scheduling them in advance.
  • Inquire about how to include your own brand in the subject line.


Phone calls are the most direct technique of reaching out to customers. Asynchronous communication, like email or video, can't be used to resolve misunderstandings or objections at the moment. Calling is one of the most underutilized strategies for remote prospecting, in part due to the inherent discomfort of the process. 

Points to keep in mind

  • Always leave a voicemail; it's a nice touch for your brand.
  • Preparation is key, but don't be afraid to improvise.
  • Increased call quality is a minor differential, so make use of a headset.


Your own brand, as well as a lot of information, may be easily conveyed through video. Triangular "Play" buttons on thumbnails are hard to resist, and the very fact that a video has been filmed sets an extremely high bar for quality. Emails are sent to a lot of individuals. It's rare for someone outside of the software sector to get an email containing a video created specifically for them.

Video is the most effective medium for establishing human connections and fostering trust. Even if it's only one-way communication, people get to know you when they can see and hear you. In addition, on video, you may express yourself in a way that would be presumptuous in writing. However, videos may also be shared through social media and other direct digital channels utilizing a video sales platform. This is one of the latest remote prospecting methods. 

Points to keep in mind

  • Use a GIF or an image as a thumbnail.
  • In order to demonstrate that it was recorded particularly for the recipient, display something with their name on it.
  • Add a personal beginning to a lengthy marketing video.

Social Media

Social media may be a terrific location to add finishing touches to your message. Knowing that it's a space for dialogue, not sales pitches, is the most important thing. Don't waste your time telling others how they should help you. Don't start with the hard sale if your prospects accept your request to connect directly with you. In addition, if you're going to post publicly, be more deliberate than simply sharing links without providing context.

Points to keep in mind

  • Positivity must be maintained at all times.
  • Seek to assist others.
  • Have a distinct character
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times

Final words

So this was all about remote prospecting that you need to know about in today's digital world. So follow the points mentioned above and grow your social prospecting game.