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Fri Feb 23 2024

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Skills Needed for a Lawyer and How to Develop Them

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In this blog, we discuss the skills needed for a lawyer to become successful. Moreover, we will also tell you how you can improve your lawyer skills and highlight those skills on your CV and cover letter and during interviews. So, continue reading the blog to know all this in detail!

You can only stand out as a lawyer when you have all the skills needed for a lawyer. But the question is, do you know what skills you exactly need? If not, do not worry!

Irrespective of your area of expertise (criminal, corporate, etc.) and responsibilities, we will tell you eight crucial skills you must develop to become a successful attorney. Knowing these skills will benefit you in your career. So, do not wait any longer, and read the blog below!

What are the skills needed for a lawyer?

If you want to pursue your career as a lawyer, you should have many of the hard and soft skills needed for a lawyer. Some of these skills are transferable, like communication, while others are specific to your profession, such as knowledge of law practices.

Besides this, the ability to think critically and strong interpersonal and problem-solving expertise are common skills needed to be a lawyer. Being an attorney doesn't just mean a day in the court. To run your day-to-day activities, lawyers must also have knowledge about basic operation programs and software like spreadsheets, communication tools, scheduling applications, and more.

Now, let us move ahead and discuss all these skills in detail!

What are the eight crucial skills that a lawyer needs?

As discussed in the section above, you should focus on both the hard and soft skills needed for a lawyer. Only then can you offer the best outcomes to your clients.

As you kickstart your career, here are the eight skills you will need the most:

Technical skills

Technical skills include basic digital literacy (computer skills) and knowledge of specialized tools you will need to use as a lawyer. As a law practitioner, you must be aware of the forescenic tools that are used to gather information, its legitimacy, processes, and more.

In addition, you should also know the meaning of technical law terms and protocols. It proves that technical skills are one of the most vital skills needed for a lawyer in modern times that will help you achieve success in your career.

Persuasive communication

Persuasive communication is one of those skills needed for a lawyer that you must possess to be successful. That is because you will have to use this technique every time while handling a case.

Persuasive communication demands the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes, understand things from their perspective, and think of solutions to ensure positive outcomes.

Financial skills

Many lawyers around the world focus on developing good financial skills. That is especially the case with professionals who start their law firms. Whether you have a private law company or are still practicing under a senior advocate, you should add financial skills to your list of skills needed for a lawyer.

It will benefit you when balancing a ledger, calculating profits, understanding tax laws, and more. Moreover, it will help you discuss billing with your clients.

Interpersonal skills

As a lawyer, you do not know what clients you will get and how many people you will interact with daily. In other words, you can get diverse clients from different backgrounds. And, to help those clients, you will have to communicate with different people.

Therefore, it is essential to have strong interpersonal skills, such as the ability to solve conflicts and emotional support. Moreover, you should have empathy and the ability to build meaningful relationships with people.

As an attorney, communication skills are your biggest ally when negotiating on behalf of your clientele.

Time management

Time management is also among the vital skills needed for a lawyer. That is because most lawyers charge their fees on an hourly basis. Thus, as a lawyer, you should stay on track during client meetings, court hearings, and other working hours. For this, time management skills are all you need!

Moreover, it is also important to dedicate your time wisely. As a result, invest more time researching, gathering information, and collecting paperwork instead of spending time on things that will not benefit the outcomes.

Written communication skills

Almost all lawyers perform many writing tasks daily. You cannot succeed in writing query letters, documenting casework, writing letters of demand, and other applications if you do not have good written communication skills.

Therefore, these skills are highly advantageous in your career as a lawyer. As a result, in addition to verbal communication, you should also focus on your written communication skills.

Research skills

Lawyers need to use their research skills heavily while working on and solving almost all court cases. Not only this, but they also evaluate which information is relevant and which is not. Simply put, research skills are one of the most popular skills needed for a lawyer because the outcomes depend heavily on the research done.

Therefore, as a lawyer, you should know how to research complex information, document relevant things, and think critically about how to use that information in court.

Organizational skills

Sometimes, you might have too many confidential client documents to store, manage, and protect. It is a regular aspect of the law profession that you will surely experience in your career.

Therefore, you must know how to organize your clients' documents safely in one place. Besides this, you must also ensure you keep track of schedules, court hearings, and other important events.

How can you improve the skills you need to be a lawyer?

Aside from practicing the above eight skills on the field, many approaches can help you enhance the skills needed for a lawyer. Here are some of these approaches:

Understand common conflicts

Most of the time, lawyers act as middlemen. In this case, sometimes, you might have to resolve conflicts between two or more people. To do this effectively, understand common conflicts you might experience in your career. To do this effectively, you must have active listening skills, problem-solving, and a non-confrontational approach.

Learn more about your field of practice

You must not invest all your time in your current work. Instead, spend time gaining extra knowledge in the field where you are practicing as a lawyer. It will help you develop deep professional knowledge of existing laws, protocols, and regulations and enable you to offer the best service to your clients.

Learn how to cope with work pressure

The profession of a lawyer can sometimes become too stressful. In this case, it is essential to remain stress-free when dealing with different challenges in the work environment.

Learning how to work under pressure will help you tackle stressful situations and gain patience, which is also one of the most crucial skills needed to be a lawyer. You can do so by doing meditation, exercises, and breathing.

Practice your persuasive skills

We already discussed the importance of persuasive skills in the eight skills needed for a lawyer section. To develop these skills, practice maintaining eye contact, good body posture, and storytelling skills.

Moreover, practice the ability to keep listeners engaged. The more you practice these techniques, the better you will become in your profession.

How can you highlight skills needed for a lawyer?

Once you enter this career, you can highlight the skills needed for a lawyer in many ways. To get the ideal job, you must highlight your lawyer skills on your resume, in your cover letter, and during the interview.

So, let us understand how you can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge:

On a resume

Think of your unique skills and expertise in this profession and add all those to your professional profile or a specific skill section in your resume.

After this, do not forget to make a distinct section in your resume to highlight your past accomplishments. But remember, all the skills and accomplishments you mention must directly relate to the current job that you are applying for.

In a cover letter

You should write relevant details to showcase your knowledge, experience, and credentials. But doing this is not enough! You must provide suitable examples of how you have achieved those skills and gained those credentials. Highlighting how your skills can contribute to the company's success will make your cover letter stand out.

During interviews

Besides your skills and knowledge, the employer will most likely notice your behavior and attitude during the interview. Moreover, the employer might ask you questions to test your expertise in the field. Therefore, showcase your qualifications to the employer, answer each question confidently, and focus on your body language.

If you remember the above points when tailoring your resume and cover letter and preparing for the interview, there are higher chances that you might get your ideal job. That is because the employer will think you have all the skills needed for a lawyer and will spend no time hiring you!


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