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Wed Nov 22 2023

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12 Impressive Examples Of A Quiz Funnel To Inspire You

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quiz funnel examples

A commonly used analogy in marketing is a sales funnel. Quiz funnels are a collection of steps that are generally used for you to send clients to initiate a conversation. The motive of the conversation could be to purchase a product or service or opt onto an email list. 

Quiz funnels and Regular Funnel Works in the Same Way:

 1. You create a quiz that your audience would have an interest in.

 2. They answer a series of multiple-choice questions.

 3. After answering the questions, they join up to your email list.

The important observation from quiz funnels is that you can gain experience and information about potential and approachable clients. You could use the insights provided by these responses to categorize people into different groups. Afterward, you could send them these insights so that they could work on them. In this blog, we are going to learn about some of the best examples of quiz funnels so without further adieu let us go through it. Learn how to be a confident job seeker.

Quiz Funnels Examples

Here are some best quiz funnel examples

Warby Parker

The low-cost eyewear retailer will send 5 pairs of frames to potential customers to undertake on, but choosing only 5 will be tough from Warby Parker’s plethora of options. Plus it is difficult to determine from a photograph alone whether a particular frame type will work on a specific face. Warby Parker’s quiz funnels help people to clarify and choose their specific options. 

Yoga Club

YogaClub may be a monthly subscription service for sportswear. They provide a spread of clothing retailer examples from the expensive LuluLemon, all the way down to discount retail stores, like T.J. Maxx. This enables them to right away get a way of the worth points and designs a customer prefers, without having to ask a dozen more questions.

 Yoga Club’s quiz funnels also use pictographs to assemble body shape information which helps users choose which shape best represents their body, and offers an outline of the various body shapes instead of naming them.

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a yoga instructor, understanding the yoga instructor job description is essential.

Better Help

Better assistance is a digital mental state provider offering low-cost, remote psychological state services. This quiz assesses the user’s psychological state needs, interest level in talk therapy, and mental state to match customers with a therapist that works for them. Better help also helps in preventing suicide by providing help through screening. Better Help’s quiz also allows potential clients to state preferences for a cultural fit with a counselor. This directly addresses a pain point that several individuals have with talk therapy: finding a therapist that understands their background.

Care Of

Care Of could be a personalized vitamin company and this quiz gets specific. But it also inquires into customers’ preferences for the way they like to require vitamins. On top of it, they collect info on what the customer typically eats in a very week, crucial information when you’re a vitamin company looking to fill in consumers’ nutrition gaps. Also read, how to ace your quora marketing strategy. 

Naturally Curly

NC is a specialized hair-care website and e-commerce company, that specializes in a group at the hair-care place with people who have curly hair. Naturally, Curly’s quiz funnels do not collect information only but it also provides value by educating because it collects, and shares information on curl type, and explains key aspects of curly hair that customers may lack. The quiz funnels then also point consumers to the curly hair products that focus on their hair type, which are conveniently available on Naturally Curly’s website. It is difficult to seek the proper products for curly hair types from outside, so educating and recommending targeted products to their audience offers immense and immediate value.

Blue Bottle Coffee

The quiz funnels are quick with some unexpected, more BuzzFeed-y turns, and more off-the-wall questions like preferences for dressing. In the end, they narrow down their recommendations to 2 coffees that fit the user’s preferences, which avoids decision fatigue and encourages them to do their coffee. 


As a beauty retailer, Sephora sells products across a variety of categories and types. To assist in product selection, they provide a whole section of quizzes. All of Sephora’s quizzes are utilitarian and narrowed down products by type and consumer concern including a choice to choose all clean products. 


Thinx is an environmentally friendly company that produces period underwear for ladies looking to ditch traditional sanitary products. Thinx’s quiz funnels make great use of illustrations to chop down the ever-present wall of text. They also gather information specifying how long and the way heavy users’ menstrual cycles are, which allows them to higher target their recommendations. The quiz funnels and their product address two main pain points of normal menstrual products: ongoing cost and environmental impact.

Their quiz funnels calculate what proportion of waste is saved from landfills when customers switch to Thinx. This capitalizes on the feel-good vibes that include saving the world.

Stitch Fix

If you are searching for a monthly clothing subscription service that helps take the strain and time drain out of garments shopping, you wish to require this quiz. Stitch Fix asks for a user’s clothing sizes, fit challenges, and magnificence preferences so their stylists can better target the clothing shipment to the users’ preference. This way, if someone loves striped shirts but hates all-over flower prints, they’ll only find the previous in their monthly box. Also read, unique ways to use 


This Chevy dealership’s quiz features a great conversational tone and takes lifestyle under consideration still as personal style. It also gathers customer concerns about fuel efficiency and also the environment and offers a car recommendation that immediately takes you to its car’s specs.

Billie Razors

Billie could be a women’s shaving company that’s built its reputation on providing a lower-cost razor that’s designed better than most already on the market. 


As CBD oils and edibles become increasingly legal across the U. S, there are more and more outlets selling them to fulfil the demand of individuals curious about trying CBD. But with the glut of products out there, it will be difficult to grasp which sort to shop for your particular interest or need.

This last quiz funnels from Urbl gets right down to business, asking users what brings them to CBD and what ails them whether it’s anxiety, sleep issues, or simply a general interest in wellness. Two questions later, customers have an easy recommendation taking the mystery out of the merchandise, and simplifying the buying process. Read how to create quiz funnels with riddles.


After reading about all those quiz funnel examples, you may have got the idea of how powerful quiz funnel tools are. It can help businesses by generating high-quality leads and also boosting their conversion rates. Businesses can attract their target audience and can enhance the personalized journey of customers, by making them interact with engaging quiz funnels. This builds trust among users but also makes customers provide essential data through these quizzes.