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Sat Feb 24 2024

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What is an Online Background Check for Employment?

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online background check for employment

Summary- Background checks are usually done by organizations to check the authenticity of the candidates. This includes checking the criminal, financial, credit, and educational records of the candidate. They are an effective way to ensure that the candidate being hired is safe for the company.

This blog post will help you gain more information about how an online background check for employment works and guide you about what is examined. We have also provided a list of the top five US background check companies.

Are you afraid that you might hire the wrong fit for your company? Do you fear being scammed by false candidate profiles? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Background checks have been considered extremely controversial for the past few decades. But with time, they have become a rather necessity for companies. They are a key factor in deciding whether your profile will be shortlisted by the companies or not.

Background checks are included in the screening process through which companies or organizations can verify your identity. The interviewers request a background check during the interviews to ensure no liability towards their organization.

This article will help you gain knowledge about everything related to an online background check for employment which can be useful for you:

  • What is the need for a background check for employment?
  • Different types of background checks for employment
  • What is checked in an online background check?
  • Best background check companies

Why do you Need an Online Background Check for Employment?

Background checks are an important part of hiring an employee that helps in minimizing the risks of any fraud. This is a procedure with various checks in which the employer goes through the different records of the candidate. For example, in a criminal background check for employment, the employer will go through any past criminal records.

Background checks are done once the candidate clears all the interview rounds and moves on to the final hiring. It is a precautionary measure taken by companies to ensure the credibilities of the candidate. An online background check for employment can take up to 10 days for a full examination of the candidate’s assets.

Background verification is done with the purpose to make sure that the candidate’s profile is free from any potential wrongdoing. Organizations can go through the criminal, educational, employment, and financial records of the candidates to check their authenticity. This is an important step companies take to ensure they are hiring candidates with confidence.

What are the Different Types of Background Checks for Employment?

If you are interested in conducting a background check then an online background check for employment can be a quick and easy solution at doing that. Here are the different types of background checks for employment which you can consider:

Identity Verification

Identities can be stolen. And hence, before hiring a candidate you must perform an identity verification. It enables employers to confirm if the person they are hiring is actually what they show to be. Identity verification includes verifying details like name, address, date of birth, SSN, or any fraud alerts.

Criminal background checks

A criminal background check for employment is when the employer conducts a criminal background check and goes through their records. This can involve sensitive past and security verification.

It is an important step in avoiding any unnecessary risks and making sure that the candidate is free from crimes like sex offenses, court records, dismissed, or ongoing charges.

If you're curious about the importance of a criminal background check for employment, check out our comprehensive guide to understanding its significance in the hiring process.

Credit background check for employment

This background check is done by examining the financial and other confidential assets of the candidate. Credit checks for employment are done to reveal any reported tax, loans, debts, poor credit, or money issues which might backfire on the company in the future.

Especially if you are hiring someone for a financial role in the company, going through their assets is extremely important. This can easily be done through an online background check for employment.

MVR Reports

This is an optional security check which is done by employers who hire employees and also get access to the company’s motor assets. This is done to ensure that they are hiring safe and trustworthy drivers. The organization can go through your driving history, license, vehicle crimes, accident reports, or endorsements.

Educational Verification Check

Educational verification check is essential for organizations who hire candidates from a particular degree. For example, an educational verification for employment is necessary for lawyers as their degree can be forged.

You can do this through an online background check for employment and request for the employee's graduation, undergraduate, or diploma degree. Verification helps in making sure that the employees you are hiring are academically fit and have specialized training.

Besides these there are some companies that provide free background check for employment. But we would advise you to hire a trusted company for the background screening.

How can you Fail a background check?

If you have good work experience but still worried about failing an online background check for employment , then there might be some of reasons for it:

Bad Criminal Record

Companies are sometimes extremely serious with no criminal history. So if you have even the smallest criminal record they might cancel your employment. Having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not get a job but it is a precautionary measure that many companies take.

Poor Credit History

Companies are serious about the personal and professional credit scores of their employees. So if you have a bad credit score with poor payment history, debts, or credit inquiries chances are that you will fail the background check.

Inconsistencies in Resume

This is a common reason why many candidates fail the background check. Companies take resumes very seriously and if you have an undesirable gap in between, chances are that your candidature will be canceled. So, make sure you have a clear explanation of the gaps in your resume to avoid any failure.

Failure of drug tests

Many organizations also take medical and drug tests for their employees to maintain a strict no-drug policy. You might be called to have a drug test or disclose your medical history. So, make sure you have a prescription for the drugs or medicines you take.

These were some of the factors which may decide your fate in an online background check for employment. However, if you are confident with all these pointers, you won’t face any trouble.

Best Background Check Companies in the US

If you are an organization that wishes to conduct a background check for your employees. Then, here’s a list of the top offline and online background check companies:

Background Report

Background report is a quick and easy option if you wish to conduct an online background check for employment. It is best for people who wish to create an inclusive procedure from start to end of the background check. You can also show the results to the candidates, share your feedback, or make arguments.

Accurate Now

With Accurate Now you get an automated background check for small and medium-sized businesses. You can get a background check for as low as $29.95 and get a premium background report.


With GoodHire you can get more than 100 types of background checks done. You can check for employment records, education and identity verification, professional reference check, credit check, online background checks for employment, and more industry-specific options. They offer features like easy FCRA compliance, customizability, and flexibility.


With a powerful API, Checkr can make your hiring process smoother and easier. They are PBSA-certified and FCRA-compliant. They can conduct background checks like drug screening, education verifications, motor vehicle records, and civil searches. Their positive adjudication matrix tolls will help you reduce confusion and fit into your workflow easily.


PeopleFinders gives exclusive access to 120 billion public records for over 250 million adults in the US. You can use it to search for criminal records, look up for marriage, or property records, and even conduct reverse phone searches. You can get all this at just $24.95 per month. This is a good option for enterprises that have to perform bulk purchases.


Background check for employment is commonly done by organizations to make sure that the candidates they are hiring are faithful and honest. It is done as a precautionary measure to avoid any problems in the future. Background checks include checking criminal records, and financial or educational records of the candidate.

Online background check for employment is a quicker and more effective way to search up for bulk data and use it. With online procedures, you can check even the social media presence of the candidate. If you are looking for a background check company then the list above will help you conduct a deep check from millions of websites.

So, if you are a big firm or a small company, it is always safer to be cautious to prevent any future mishappening.

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