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Mon Feb 05 2024

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Materials Coordinator Job Description Responsibilities 2024

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Materials coordinator job description

A materials coordinator is a qualified person who oversees a business's inventory and purchasing operations. You can find these material coordinator jobs in the construction, distribution and manufacturing sectors. The accurate and timely management of shipments, along with cost-effective business operations, are the primary focus points in these industries. A materials coordinator can manage the company's inventory and work with other professionals to schedule deliveries appropriately.

What is the Qualification Required for Material Coordinator?

The entry-level materials coordinator job description requires a high school diploma or equivalent degree; however, most employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in a related field. The relevant field of study for the materials coordinator post includes business, management, supply chain management, logistics and engineering.

If you are worried about the experience, the company hiring you will provide the required training during their on-the-job training period. It allows you to learn the company's specific procedures and processes, inventory management systems, and how to use them.

Certifications are not necessary for the post but bring a competitive advantage. By building a certification program, you can learn supply chain management, improve logistics and analyse raw materials. You can also get safety certifications that ensure your ability to comply with safety protocols on the construction site. Having additional licenses in related fields can enhance your experience and skills as a material coordinator.

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Skills Required for Materials Coordinator Job

Some of the essential skills mentioned in the materials coordinator job description include the following:

Active listening, good speaking, reading, and writing abilities to read work-related documents, convey accurate information, and give full attention to what others say.

Time management is an important materials coordinator skill that ensures your ability to multitask and prioritize important activities.

Next comes problem-solving skills, which are often needed by the materials coordinator while coordinating a large event. For instance, if the supplier doesn't deliver the ordered materials on time, you may need to find an alternative way immediately to make up for the missing items.

A material coordinator must have critical thinking skills, which means they can use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions or craft new approaches to problems.

Some other important skills required for the job post include coordination, judgment and decision-making, systems analysis, social perceptiveness, persuading and negotiating abilities, etc.

1. Knowledge Requirements

While applying for a material coordinator post, you must have basic knowledge about certain things that ensure you are suitable for the post.

You must have a knowledge of raw materials used in the company production unit, production processes, quality control measures, cost, and other processes to maximise the effective manufacturing distribution of goods.

Companies seek candidates knowing the principles and processes to provide necessary customer and personal services. It includes meeting quality standards for services and the evolution of customer satisfaction.

You must have a basic understanding of the English language and knowledge of administrative and office procedures and systems.

Such posts require a good knowledge of business and management principles, including strategic planning, resource allocation, human resource modelling, production methods, leadership techniques, and coordinating people and resources. Plus, have a basic understanding of computers and electronics, mathematics, and the principles and methods of moving people or goods.

2. Preferred Work Style

According to a materials coordinator job description, there is a list of the most preferred working styles, some of which are discussed below.

An individual must be careful about details and thorough in completing tasks while working together with others and displaying a good nature and cooperative attitude.

You must stay composed and keep your emotions in check. Additionally, ensure you can adapt to changes while being honest and ethical.

In short, such a post wants an individual with attention to detail, dependability, self-control, cooperation, integrity, independence, adaptability, and a flexible working style. It will be great if you have additional characteristics like stress tolerance, willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges, persistence, concern for others, leadership ability, creative thinking, social orientation and analytical thinking.

The materials coordinator job description has physical requirements, like you may need to stand for hours, walk for an extended period, or may have to lift or move items up to 50 pounds.

Material Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Usually, the material coordinator job description consists of a list of duties and responsibilities of an individual applying for the post. However, some companies don't provide such information while posting a job. They usually want you to do day-to-day operations and expect you to know what your duties are. Here's a list of material coordinator duties and responsibilities to help you understand what you are being hired for in a company.

A mechanical coordinator is responsible for carrying out operational duties in the spare parts warehouse, including issuing, receiving, and counting inventory items, finding and placing items in the proper bin locations, and helping provide security controls of materials kept in inventory. They are further responsible for the following:

  • Collaborate with different departments to ensure the smooth flow of all materials
  • Develop an efficient shipping plan, assess all production schedules, identify all necessary materials, and confirm they are readily available.
  • Work with departments to ensure a smooth flow of materials and assess all materials delivered to the production unit.
  • Generate reports for all materials and handle their transportation from one department to another and create computerised production records.
  • Work with different units to guarantee material accountability
  • Keep track of all sensitive data and create a suitable project schedule
  • Keep track of materials' status weekly
  • Work together with the construction team to plan all deliveries, handle delays and guarantee compliance with all material requests.
  • Create necessary reports for all the cost accounts and procurement to ensure the company meets accounts payable requirements.
  • Supports in meeting the annual and long-term goals as mentioned in the plans
  • Assist in creating a highly collaborative material control culture within the company.

The materials coordinator job description may include several other responsibilities of an individual, which can vary according to company requirements.

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How Much does a Materials Coordinator Make?

The average materials coordinator salary in the United States as of 27th February 2023 is $38,921, and it typically ranges between $33,230 and $43,605. Their salary depends on numerous factors, including qualification, certification or licenses, additional skills, years of experience and expertise.

What is the Material Coordinator Career Prospect?

Being a material coordinator ensures you keep the first step into the construction industry, and there are several ways to advance in the field. However, it is good to get higher education and training and sign up for specialised programs that offer certification in materials coordination. It ensures you get to a higher-level position with more responsibilities. Look into the opportunity your company provides; sometimes, you can get a promotion when you take on extra assignments and responsibilities.

Material coordinator with a lot of experience and expertise eventually applies for management positions like materials manager or supply chain manager. You may advance into procurement or purchasing positions if you are skilled at negotiating contracts and working with suppliers. And those having a strong interest in technical aspects of material coordination can apply for engineering and product development roles.


Read every materials coordinator job description to better understand your roles, growth opportunities, and payscale. Furthermore, reading the material coordinator job description for resume is important as it increases your chances of meeting their requirements or passing through any applicant tracking system that works with keyword matching. However, for freshers with only a school diploma degree, it is good to apply for a company that gives you an opportunity to learn and gain experience for better chances in future.

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1. What are the primary responsibilities of a materials coordinator?

As materials coordinator, your primary responsibility is to manage every aspect of the material supply chain, from ordering and receiving materials to shipping and keeping track of them. They are responsible for a wide range of activities related to inventory management and overseeing products and materials.

2. What are some common challenges that materials coordinators face?

The materials coordinator faces common challenges while procuring a bid, purchasing supplies, ordering and receiving materials, and on-site storage and handling problems.

3. What kind of Job opportunities are available for materials coordinators?

Materials coordinators can advance to managerial positions like operations manager, general manager, supply chain manager, and materials manager. If you are good at negotiating contracts, apply for purchase and procurement positions, and those with technical knowledge can become engineering and project development roles.

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