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Kennel Attendant: Job Description, Career Options, Salary And Many More

kennel-attendantPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
kennel-attendantPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

Kennel attendant provides the boarded dogs with regular treatment and supports the maintenance of kennel dogs. They work in the planning of boarding appointments, cleaning cages and walks, washing, toileting, exercise, feeding, drug management and supervision of boarding dogs. They engage with customers as they collect their dogs and drop them. The assistants are directly supervised by the boss, Veterinarian, breeders or other supervisors of the Kennel. Kennel attendants may assist with the handling and storage of dogs during their stay with boarding kennels operating as part of a veterinary clinic. 

Certain kennels can also provide instruction to dogs when the dogs are boarded so that the coach can support the coach in these practices. Kennel attendants can need to work irregular hours in the form of evenings, weekends and vacations. They must also be prepared to treat dogs who might be nervous because they are in an unfamiliar setting. Kennel staff should always exercise care to reduce the risk of an accident if they use the medicine, feeding and exercising boarded dogs.

Career options

The most common employers are boarding kennels, but also employment with veterinary clinics, doggie daycare companies, animal rescue and dog breeding facilities can be found. Kennel attendants can also play a leading role or open their own boarding or pet sitting business. Some kennels also offer boarding services to cats, rabbits, exotic birds and a variety of other pet species, but they are kept away from the dog cinnamon in a separate area.

Training and education 

To obtain a job as a kennel attendant, no degree or formal training is required. This is a common entry-level position for high school students or graduates looking for a degree in an animal area. The majority of qualified candidates for kennels, animals as pet sitters, veterinarian assistants and dog walkers already have previous experience. Family experience can also count on the expertise of a nominee. Most kennels have seasoned attendants able to prepare new staff for the necessary day-to-day tasks.

Salary of kennel attendant

Much of the kennels are considered entry-level roles and prefer to pay a minimum salary. More experienced kennel attendants or those who work for large installations will receive higher wages. Many with increased responsibilities (for example, training assistance) will also receive higher salaries due to their additional duties.

While the American Labor Statistics Bureau (BLS) is not alone in the category of pay attendant for animal care and operation, it includes kennel employees in the more general category. BLS figures from 2018 indicate that the lowest 10% of the salaries paid by service providers were less than $18160, or $873 an hour. This is where most kennel attendants will be reduced to a wage scale.

Career outlook

In the decade to be ended in 2028, BLS expects employment prospects for animal and service employees to increase by 16%. This is over three times the growth rate that all combined attendants are expected to achieve. The kennel attendants should be given more opportunities as more facilities are opened to support the growing animal population. Kennel jobs often have a higher turnover than many other occupations about animals, which can also give those who hope to join the profession more possibilities.

Kennel attendant job description

We are looking for a careful Kennel attendant to monitor the well-being of the animals in our care. The responsibility of the Kennel Attendant includes cleaning the cages, medicine and food and water for animals. The Veterinarian should also be notified of decreased functioning on call. You should be able to predict and provide for the needs of animals to ensure success as a participant in the Kennel. In the end, an up-market Kennel attendant should adapt their treatment to the physical, mental, and behavioral problems of animals.

Kennel attendant responsibilities:

  • Take pets to and from the kennels.
  • Ensure the animals still have plenty of fresh food and water.
  • Purification of animal waste, spilt food, fur, and other kennel debris.
  • Timely disposal of the waste.
  • To groom, play with and handle animals under the Veterinarian’s auspices.
  • Walk with the animals, if necessary.
  • Animals in trouble calming.
  • Air temperature adjustment to ensure animal comfort is maintained.
  • Notifying the Veterinarian or a medical practitioner of major changes in working.
  • Evacuate all animals when there is an emergency.

Kennel attendant requirements:

  • Diploma or equivalent of secondary school.
  • Animal care would be beneficial from previous experience.
  • Strong expertise in organization, analysis and problem-solving.
  • Outstanding leadership skills.
  • Equipped and flexible physically.
  • Skill to lift un helped to 50 pounds.
  • An animal rights enthusiasm.
  • It is available on weekends and holidays during the evenings, if necessary.

How can you become a kennel attendant?

One of the first things you want to consider is how much education you need to become a kennel attendant. We have established that there are 27.2% of bachelors in kennel attendants. We found that 0.8 per cent of the students in kennels have master’s diplomas in higher education. While some kennel students are college graduates, you may only become students with a secondary or GED degree.

When you look for a kennel attendant, choosing the right major is always an essential move. In our research of the most famous graduates of a kennel student, we discovered that they most often graduated from high school or bachelor. The associate graduates or diplomas are other degrees that we also see in the channel summary.

You may find that experience in other workplaces would enable you to become an assistant. Indeed, many kennel employments need experience in a position like a cashier. In the meantime, many kennel attendants are already experienced in previous positions like a sales partner or a volunteer.

Skills required for becoming a kennel attendant

  1. Should be intellectually, socially and physically stable and patient about all animal forms.
  2. Love and care and basic knowledge of the treatment of animals and animals.
  3. Ability to work in various work environments and manage all tasks independently.
  4. Sound understanding of the health problems of animals.
  5. Possess a proper understanding of the animals’ medicines and vaccines.
  6. The ability to monitor and communicate with animals and working over long periods.

Final words

So now you must know all the details regarding the Kennel attendant that you must know about. So if you are planning to become a kennel attendant, get proper knowledge about how to take appropriate care of animals.

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