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Mon Feb 05 2024

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Best Kennel Attendant Job Description & Career Options

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Kennel attendant job description

Kennel Attendant is the job position in which you take care and nourishment of animal shelters and veterinary. In this article, we will learn how to write a kennel attendant job description. We also discuss and provide a detailed overview of the responsibilities and qualifications required for a kennel attendant. The primary focus of this blog is on how to post a kennel attendant job on Pitchnhire.

What does Kennel Attendant Mean?

Kennel attendant meaning is quite simple. It provides the animals care with regular treatment and supports the maintenance of their health. They work in the planning of boarding appointments, cleaning cages and walks, washing, toileting, exercise, feeding, drug management and supervision of animals.

Here, we take an example of Dogs - They engage with customers as they collect their dogs and drop them. The assistants are directly supervised by the boss, Veterinarian, breeders or other supervisors of the Kennel. Kennel attendants may assist with the handling and storage of dogs during their stay with boarding kennels operating as part of a veterinary clinic.

Now, we will see how to write the Kennel Attendant Job Description. After that, we will focus on kennel attendant duties and responsibilities. Additionally, what kennel attendant education needs for this job.

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How to Write a Kennel Attendant Job Description?

We are looking for a careful Kennel attendant to monitor the well-being of the animals in our care. The responsibility of the Kennel Attendant includes cleaning the cages, medicine and food and water for animals. The Veterinarian should also be notified of decreased functioning on call. You should be able to predict and provide for the needs of animals to ensure success as a participant in the Kennel.

In the end, an up-market Kennel attendant should adapt their treatment to the physical, mental, and behavioral problems of animals.

What are the Duties of a Kennel Attendant?

  • Cleaning and disinfecting kennels, cages, runs, and yards.
  • Administering medications and treatments as instructed.
  • Grooming animals, including brushing, bathing, and trimming nails.
  • Maintaining records of animal treatments, vaccinations, and medications.
  • Walking and exercising animals, as needed.
  • Handling animals in a gentle and respectful manner.
  • Providing emotional support and companionship to animals.
  • Follow all safety regulations and guidelines.

If you're an employer then you have to write all the duties and should be mentioned in the kennel attendant job description.

What Skills do you Need to be a Kennel Assistant?

  • Cleaning bedding, such as blankets and mats, with warm water and a pet-safe detergent, then thoroughly rinsing and drying.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, such as bowls and toys, with a pet-safe sanitizer.
  • Sweeping and mopping floors with a pet-safe cleaner.
  • Emptying trash bins and replacing liners.
  • Vacuuming carpets and upholstery.
  • Wiping down walls and other surfaces with a pet-safe cleaner.
  • Replenishing supplies, such as water and food bowls, toys, and bedding.

What are the Benefits of Monitoring the Progress of the Animals?

Monitoring the animal behavior and health is a primary responsibility as a kennel attendant. They must observe the animals in their care for signs of distress or ill health, such as limping, vomiting, or excessive scratching. As a Kennel attendant you have to ensure that they are not exhibiting any aggressive tendencies towards other animals or humans.

Additionally, kennel attendant job descriptions are able to detect and report the changes in animal health or behavior to the appropriate person. It helps to ensure that any medical issues are addressed quickly and that animals receive the proper treatment or care.

How to Become a Kennel Attendant?

One of the first things you want to consider is how much education you need to become a kennel attendant. We have established that there are 27.2% of bachelors in kennel attendants. We found that 0.8 per cent of the students in kennels have master’s diplomas in higher education. While some kennel students are college graduates, you may only become students with a secondary or GED degree.

When you look for kennel attendant requirements, choosing the right step is an essential move. In our research of the most famous graduates of a kennel student, we discovered that they most often graduated from high school or bachelor. The associate graduates or diplomas are other degrees that we also see in the channel summary.

You may find that experience in other workplaces would enable you to become an assistant. Indeed, many kennel employees need experience in a position like a cashier. In the meantime, many kennel attendants are already experienced in previous positions like a sales partner or a volunteer.

The Qualifications Need to be a Kennel Attendant Job Description:

  1. Animal Care: Kennel attendants must be knowledgeable about the basic care of animals, including feeding, grooming, and recognizing signs of health and illness.
  2. Cleaning: Kennel attendants must be able to clean cages, runs, and other areas of the kennel properly and safely.
  3. Patience: Kennel attendants must be able to interact with animals in a kind and patient manner.
  4. Physical Strength: Some kennel attendant tasks require physical strength, such as lifting large bags of food and transporting animals.
  5. Organization: Kennel attendants must be organized in order to keep track of the animals in their care, as well as their medications, grooming schedules, and other important information.
  6. Attention to Detail: Kennel attendants must be detail-oriented in order to keep accurate records and monitor the health of the animals in their care.
  7. Communication: Kennel attendants must be able to communicate effectively with their supervisors, colleagues, and customers.

To working as a kennel assistant, you must have these skills that are highlighted above. When applying for the job of Kennel attendant, always read the important points described in the kennel attendant job description.

What is the Salary of a Kennel Attendant?

Much of the kennels are considered entry-level roles and prefer to pay a minimum salary. More experienced kennel attendants or those who work for large installations will receive higher wages. Many with increased responsibilities (for example, training assistance) will also receive higher salaries due to their additional duties.

While the American Labor Statistics Bureau (BLS) is not alone in the category of pay attendant for animal care and operation, it includes kennel employees in the more general category. BLS figures from 2018 indicate that the lowest 10% of the salaries paid by service providers were less than $18160, or $873 an hour. This is where most kennel attendants will be reduced to a wage scale.

The average salary also depends on your resume for kennel attendant job.

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Final Words

Ultimately, we discussed the important points of the kennel attendant job description. Kennel attendants play an integral role in providing care for animals and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. A good kennel attendant is knowledgeable about animal behavior and health. Kennel attendants are essential in providing animals a safe, clean, and nurturing environment. Join Pitch N Hire's best applicant tracking system and start hiring kennel attendants in no time.

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