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Sat Dec 02 2023

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Amazing Tips To Set Yourself For An Informal Interview

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What is an Informal Interview?

Informal interviews, or casual interviews, as they might be called sometimes, are those interviews that are held in a casual environment as opposed to the business or office-like environment of formal interviews. Now, for the most part, this is all that is informed about the interview. So if you’re wondering what is an informal interview, it is just an interview held in a casual environment, aiming at opening you up more and trying to ensure that you can show more of your personality which can help analyze the candidate better. 

However, these are all perks for the interviewer. But what about you? Is there any relief that you get? Well, not exactly. You still have to prepare similarly as you would for any other interview. So it is going to be just like any other interview for you. You will just have the ease of being in a casual atmosphere and not in an uptight office. So maybe that can ease you out a bit and ensure that you’re that nervous while in the room and trying to give casual interviews. However, there are some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you’re all set for your informal interview.

Effective Tips for an Informal Interview

Here are some of the best tips that will help you during an informal interview

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Even though it is an informal interview, this doesn’t make the interviewer your friend or someone with whom you can talk freely about anything. However, that is the objective of casual interviews. Therefore, you should ensure that you don’t make the mistake of letting your guard down. This can lead you to say something which is not appropriate based on the situation. Note that the interviewer is always listening closely to your words to try to analyze what type of person you are or what your approach to a lot of things is. If you do let your guard down, you will surely make a mistake that you would pay dearly for. 

Therefore, always remember that it is an informal interview and it is not a tea party so ensure that you maintain your composure accordingly. Don’t be too frank with the interviewer and spurt out things that you would otherwise not do in a formal setting. Don’t let the setting get the best of you.  

Research Properly

It is important to research properly in casual interviews. You have to be an active participant in the conversation therefore you should know what you’re talking about. For that, you need to research properly about the company that you’re interviewing for. It will give you an insight into what you’re trying to enter and what you’re thinking of as a platform to boost your career. You should know about the recent happenings in the company, about their achievements, about their morals, beliefs and their basic agenda. 

That will help you be very prepared for the time of the interview and you’ll be able to know the basic mindset of the interviewer and what he is expecting out of you. Also, knowing more about the company will allow your body language and behavior to be modified based on the company which will prove an asset for the interview. 

Ask Questions

Don’t shy away from questions at casual interviews. You should engage in small conversations and ask relevant questions to prove that you are listening and inferring from the conversation. It can be anything that is relevant to the situation and previously quoted statements of the interviewer. It can also be something as generic and simple as “how do you think I can fit into the company?”. This will imply that you’re considering this offer and taking the informal interview seriously which will immediately boost the confidence of the interviewer in you as the most suitable candidate. 

You can also downright skip questions and no one will object to it. But when you do ask questions, you sound like a person who is trying to understand and one who is an active listener which are the major traits required by the interviewer in his candidate. And if you can show him that you’re the candidate that he’s looking for, your chances of getting a job at that company shoot up immediately. 

Dress According to the Occasion

Some people think that no matter what the interview is, they need to dress similarly. But that’s not right. Like every other occasion, the dress code or dress up for the interview is based upon the venue, the type of interview, the company you’re interviewing at, the role you’re interviewing for, etc. among other such factors. So, considering that it is an informal interview, it is deemed best that you go for business casual or semi-casual outfits. 

These consist of those outfits that are neither too formal nor too casual. This is why they are the best choice for you to choose as your interview outfit. Examples of such outfits include the likes of a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans. Or you can even go for any formal shirt with jeans for the outfit. Don’t look like you planned your outfit lazily or didn’t bat an eye toward it at all. It is important to take this component seriously because the interviewer doesn’t want a persona dressed in a three-piece suit to walk over him in a cafeteria. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to your clothing. 


There isn’t a lot of difference between casual interviews as compared to others. Apart from the setting and other such technical details, the basic chaos about the interview might remain the same in all minds. However, an informal interview allows you to relax a bit since you’re not subjected to a corporate room with a business setting. The ambiance of the place can positively affect your performance as well.

Using these tips, you’ll also be able to ace your informal interview and understand more about it rather than being confused about what is an informal interview. The basics of the whole situation are just the same so you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure to prepare well for it. 


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