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Thu Feb 22 2024

5 min read

How Can You Become A CAD Engineer in 2024

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how to become cad engineer

Ever wondered about the possibilities of the engineering field and why you should study engineering in the first place? Let us tell you. Despite adhering to popular trends, engineering is a profession chosen by aspiring youth for a number of reasons. Engineering is a broad field of study containing multitudes of different disciplines. There are endless possibilities that come with a degree in engineering. And, if you have a fondness for computer applications, creating technical pitches, and coding or programming, you can convert your talent into a job. 

CAD engineers use creativity and avant-garde thinking to design different products, tools, and equipment, structures, etc. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. Thus, it entails everything from technical drawing, creating animations to programming, and improving technology in the computer field. Owing to globalization and technology, CAD engineering is one of the fastest-growing markets globally. Every company requires a CAD engineer, thus, there is a legion of job opportunities waiting for CAD engineers.

What is a CAD engineer? 

A CAD engineer job description includes designing and developing 2D and 3D plans necessary in product engineering. They can be employed in a variety of fields including mechanical or chemical engineering.

Engineer looking at cad software 3D prototype design concept of container working overtime in a construction company. Overworked woman studying in office new project model using innovative technology In this profession, you will be required to spend a lot of time in front of a computer. The basic job description includes possessing a deep understanding of technical devices and software. You will need to be professional in software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Pro/ENGINEER. You should also possess an understanding of engineering principles related to physics, mathematics, etc. Therefore, you will need to build a project from the ground while making sure that its implementation is top-notch.

What does a CAD engineer do?

Now that we have answered your first question, that is, what is to be done, let us look at the job description in detail. 

CAD engineer job description

Computer-Aided Design or CAD refers to the software that is used to design, develop, and build blueprints, plans, and models from the scratch. In non-professional terms, CAD engineering comes into place when the product design is taken over by a computer instead of doing it manually. It is he who is responsible for the planning, designing, and manufacturing of a product that can be any new device, equipment, or even software blueprint. In Engineering industries, CAD is used to create conceptual designs and layouts, and the detailed production of 2D and 3D blueprints of physical components. 

They are not only responsible for the original design and the planning of the product but also for selecting the materials that will go into the creation of the end product. That means you will have to produce prototypes to make sure that the device is smooth and running. Besides, a CAD engineer job description also involves creating backup files to prevent data loss, selecting the software for functionality, and reviewing tools based on the specific project they are working on. 

Here are some of the tasks that come under the CAD engineer job description:

  1. Designing and engineering project frameworks by using high-quality models and 2D and 3D CAD tools
  2. Producing detailed construction plans that meet the requirements and targets
  3. Collaborating with industrial and packaging engineers to deliver top-quality products
  4. Making expense estimates and financial resource budgets
  5. Checking products for feasibility, performance, legislation, cost, quality, and safety, etc.
  6. Updating product design files
  7. Coding and testing software
  8. Finding solutions to meet client goals
  9. Leading, training, and offering supervision to the design team
  10. Developing applications and procedures for the design team to follow

Skills needed to be a CAD Engineer

Like every other field, you will need certain specific professional skills and educational qualifications to become a CAD engineer.

How to become a CAD engineer

The most basic educational qualification required to be a CAD engineer is an engineering degree from any technical college or university. If you have an apprenticeship or have done internships, then that is even better. Besides educational qualifications, here are some professional skills you will have to develop if you want to pursue a career as a CAD Engineer. 

  • Communication: CAD engineers often work with a team, thus, you will need to master effective verbal and non-verbal communication. To function in a team, you will also need to be polite and courteous. Besides, you must be a people-person and be willing to meet new people and recruit members.
  • Business mindset: As a CAD engineer, you will need to build designs for products that will sell. Thus, you should have a business mindset and know a thing or two about marketing ethics.
  • Creativity: CAD engineers need to be creative. You will have to think out of the box and choose unconventional routes to solve problems.
  • Curiosity: Along with creativity comes curiosity. You should be eager to learn new ways, be updated on the latest trends, and fuel your research with the desire to learn.
  • Attention to detail: Engineering is a very detailed process that demands sticking to intricate protocols. You cannot make successful designs if you have no attention to detail.
  • Decision: making and leadership: As a CAD engineer, you will need to supervise an entire team full of designers. Therefore, you must be adept at decision-making and leadership.
  • Technology: This is a no-brainer. A CAD engineer must be updated with the latest technology and the technical know-how of coding, programming, software, etc.

CAD Engineer Salary 

Coming to the most interesting bit, what is the CAD Engineer Salary look like? The typical CAD Engineer salary can fall between anything from $41, 000 a year to $109,000 a year. It depends on your area of expertise, educational qualifications, and seniority. However, it is still a quite high-paying job with an average salary of $63, 000 gross per year. Therefore, the CAD engineer field is definitely a prospective one. And, you should go for it if you want a successful career with a high salary and job satisfaction.