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Sat Dec 16 2023

5 min read

What USA Cities are Hiring for Remote Jobs?

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Remote jobs are in high demand these days. Many candidates prefer to work remotely rather than traditionally. This is why many companies are hiring employees who can work remotely. Finding a job is difficult in itself. Candidates have to apply to multiple places, and only a few reply to them. 

In such a situation, we will tell you about the top cities in the USA that actively hire people remotely. Remote jobs are not scarce or difficult to find. You just need to know how and where to look for them. Read this blog further to know more about where to find the perfect remote job for you.

What is a Remote Job?

Remote jobs are jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world, without having to commute to an office. This means that you can work from home, a coffee shop, or even the beach. Remote jobs offer a lot of flexibility and can be a great way to save money on commuting costs. 

However, it is important to be self-motivated and disciplined when working remotely, as there is no one to supervise you.

Why are People Choosing to do Remote Jobs?

The reason why people are choosing to work remotely more than traditionally is pretty simple. It is convenient. Let us see how a remote job is convenient:

  • Home, bus, library? You name a thing, and that can turn into your office. Working remotely gives a privilege to the person to work from anywhere in the world. The only condition is you should give a good-quality output. 
  • You can save energy that might have been utilized from commuting from your home to the office and vice versa. Even though connectivity is great in the USA, driving for long hours or using public transport can drain you easily. 
  • Trust us when we say this: remote jobs save a ton of money for you. Have you ever wondered where your money flies away when working from a traditional office? You need to go on formal dinners, spend on lunches, buy formal clothing, spend on the commute, and so on. The list of expenses is endless. Working a remote job allows you to save those extra bucks you might have spent on the things mentioned above. 
  • Remote jobs promote good mental health. They allow you to take breaks when you feel burnt out and return when you feel better. 
  • You can schedule your day according to your convenience, prioritize the things that need to be done on priority, and also manage time for your family members as needed. 

Top Cities in the USA with Remote Work Job Openings

We have a list of cities where the companies hire actively for working remotely. They are:

Atlanta (Georgia) 

A huge number of remote job employees find their home in Atlanta. This is because Atlanta is a metropolitan city with good connectivity. Besides good road connectivity, this city has a high-speed WiFi network, a prerequisite for remote jobs. You will find many companies hiring here to work remotely. It has many parks and museums that will surely amaze you. And the city holds multiple coffee places if you decide not to work from home for a few days. 

Irving, Texas

This is a great place for people who want to have an affordable house and live near a major city. Irving is one of the cities where work-from-home jobs are quite popular. It provides a spacious coworking space, and you can even take advantage of living close to the city. And there are many places with tables outside if you decide to work from outside the home.  

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is a place of dreams for many remote job workers. You can find many reasonable rent options in this city. It has great connectivity with huge parts of the USA. So, this makes it desirable for remote job workers as they can explore various places in their spare time. Another speciality of this place is that the city has high-speed WiFi that allows remote job workers to complete their work without delay. This is the most desired trait for remote jobs.

Portland, Oregon

This city offers great opportunities to people who want to work remotely in the tech world. And it has many options for remote workers to explore. Moreover, this city is known for accommodating many remote workers because of the huge availability of coffee places and public internet. 

Charlotte, North Caroline

Charlotte is famous for holding multiple corporate offices in the technology world. The rent here is less than the average rent in the USA. This makes Charlotte a visible spot for people desiring to do remote jobs. Remote employees can utilize many coworking spaces for convenient work. 

San Diego, California

A great standard of life makes it simple and pleasurable to live in this city. Because there are so many spacious outdoor areas where you may set up your workstation, it is one of the most well-liked cities for remote workers. It provides an urban neighborhood where remote workers are welcome to explore.

Dallas, Texas

Corporate headquarters are centered in Dallas. It gives many people who are interested in remote jobs an opportunity. The nearby cities offer easy lodging options and excellent accessibility to Dallas for the workers. The best feature of this city is the fast WiFi. These elements make it simple for many distant workers to settle here. 

Salt Lake City, Utah

This city is a city of youngsters. Many young workers come here in search of remote jobs. This is a dynamic city with many phases. It also provides affordable accommodation to people. Coffee shops are very popular here, where these young minds come together and work according to their convenience. This allows the youngsters to meet like-minded people and conversate with them. The plus point is the Utah government has introduced a bill that gives remote employees access to online career training. This provides youngsters with an opportunity to develop their career path. Hence, remote jobs are quite popular here.

Phoenix, Arizona

This city attracts many remote workers as it provides multiple amenities needed for working remotely. These include coffee shops, public sittings with WiFi, libraries, and similar places. The city of Glendale provides accommodation with affordable rent. The city has vibrant surroundings and active vibes, perfect for remote jobs.  

Things to Consider Before Deciding on a City 

Various factors need to be favorable for remote jobs. Without them, it might become impossible for you to continue a remote job in that city. So, here are a few factors that you should consider before deciding the city you want to stay in for remote jobs. 

Internet Connectivity 

Good internet connectivity is a must for any remote job. Speedy internet allows you to complete your work without any delay or inconvenience. The concept of remote jobs more or less is based on the aspect of internet connectivity and your working device. So, as you are not working from a traditional office, you stay connected to the office through flawless internet connectivity.


Every person has a different suitability when it comes to weather. Some prefer dry air, whereas some prefer humid. Some find hot surrounding comfortable, and some find cold surroundings better. This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a city to live in, as this will affect your ability to do remote jobs in a great way. 

Living Cost

You should always prefer a city that you can manage living in with the given salary by the company. It is useless to shift to a location where the cost of living is too high and the salary is insufficient.

Social Health 

Check whether the city has good health and education facilities. This is important as you will need these from time to time. Check for the quality of the neighborhood. So, if you are considering remote jobsyou might want to be in a peaceful city. 

Walking Distances

Check whether basic utilities are within walking distance, like grocery stores, bus stops, etc. If you prefer walking to places, you need to check the availability of things around the place you want to stay. 


It can be challenging to do a remote job in an undesirable city that does not support remote work. If you are considering a remote job, it is preferable to choose among the cities listed above. Most of the cities listed above have excellent road connectivity, good internet connectivity, large indoor and outdoor workspaces, and a variety of remote job opportunities.

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