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Fri Feb 09 2024

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Career As A Fashion Designer: Everything You Need To Know

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Fashion designers are creative, innovative and determined individuals who have loads of knowledge and awareness of the trend that the market needs to put up with. Fashion designers must possess an interest in learning new things and reading journals, magazines, and books on fashion design history and new vogue to keep up with the trend. 

The Job of a Fashion Designer

The work of a ‘dressmaker’ includes sketching fashion ideas, surgical process and sewing the clothing item, attending fashion shows, using tailoring skills to perfect the fit, drawing patterns to make garments, selecting fabrics and any special additions for the outfit, and reading magazines to stay up with the most recent fashions. Hence, a powerful business sense plays a vital role in the successful career of a fashion designer.

Experience as a Designer

A qualified designer should have a minimum of two years of experience working within the apparel industry. Volunteer experience at fashion shows and festivals is additionally acceptable. Candidates should be conversant in fashion trends within the industry and possess the flexibility to come back up with product ideas supported by those trends. 

A designer should be comfortable creating patterns and sketches and dealing with different fabric types. Proven experience designing with software tools can also be required. A highly qualified candidate may have worked in large teams and produced designs that went on to become top-selling products.

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The Motive of a Fashion Designer

To achieve success, fashion designers must have a decent understanding of the audience’s lifestyle, customer needs and requirements, and knowledge of this profession. The profession of fashion designing includes a collection of experiences but most important skills that vary from a huge amount of research and innovation to sketching, stitching, and selection of cloth material. 

It is a profession that needs designers to persistently be updated with market trends. In this blog, we are going to learn everything about fashion design, so without further adieu let us go through it. A retail manager is answerable and responsible for ensuring that promotions and marketing gimmicks work smoothly, setting daily targets for the staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, etc. A fashion designer is also able to supervise the human resources and financial departments in smaller-scale industries. 

Important Qualities Required to be a Fashion Designer

  1. Artistic skill
  2. Computer skill
  3. Communication skill
  4. Creativity
  5. Problem solver
  6. Determinant

Careers as a Fashion Designer

This section includes various career options that you can follow in the field of fashion design:

Fashion Consultant

As a fashionmonger, one needs to keep an in-depth eye on the most recent trends of the market. The role of an adviser also requires individuals to be keen observers of the changing fashion trends.

Fashion Journalist

The fashion journalist features a job to put in writing or report about the latest fashion trends for a magazine. To be a fashion journalist one should grasp the newest fashion trends and be in-tuned with the news of the style world.

Make-Up Artist

The job of a make-up artist is to do the make-up of people for so many events like weddings, pre-wedding photoshoots, bridal makeup, for models and celebrities. These artists are very different from beauticians, as they are doing not take up normal manicure jobs.

Clothing Stylist

A stylist is responsible for selecting the whole wardrobe of a fashion show. His/her job is to choose the proper pieces from anyone’s wardrobe or from a designer’s collection, which might suit the client’s character, body type, the sort of occasion the dress is getting selected for.

Sketching Artist

He/she is answerable for making technical sketches of clothes for various presentations. These sketches are used as specifications for the design and fabrication of the clothes.

Fashion Project Coordinators

Fashion project coordinators take care of the advertising and promotions of the brand or company. They manage the team and provide all kinds of help for the success of the company. They work closely with fabric dealers to bring out the simplest of products and also prepare elevator pitches. They work under project managers.

Fabric Designer

Fabric/material clothing designers can start working as a freelancer by several tricks or as part of a design team in both industrial and non-industrial sectors/companies. They are liable for designing 2D patterns in both repetitive and unique knit patterns, weaves, and printed fabrics.

However, toil and a conscious effort to update the newest trends play an important role in the rag trade. The salary of a designer also varies widely from designer to designer reckoning on the level of education, experience, and skill. The design is finished by keeping many factors in mind. 

Fashion Designer Salary

Freshers are always willing to pursue their careers in the field of fashion design. Individuals enrolling in fashion design courses have excellent prospects in this field. The demand for brand-new designs in clothing will never come to an end. The vacancies of the fashion designer’s job are increasing ten times more within the coming decade. 

The Fashion Designer Salary Chart is Shown Below

Fashion project coordinator3,00,0008,00,00020,00,000
Fashion journalist1,04,0005,00,0008,34,000
Fashion consultant2,00,0005,00,0008,00,000
Clothing stylist1,00,0003,00,0005,00,000
Sketching artist1,50,0002,70,0004,00,000
Make-up artist1,20,0004,10,00010,00,000
Fabric designer1,90,0004,00,0008,90,000


The primary and foremost factor of fashion design is to keep up with the trends. The trend within the market is another thing about designing a fashion garment. The standard of fabric is again a crucial consideration. Now, people prefer to purchase garments from renowned brands. 

The reassurance from famous and respected brands satisfies the customer’s purchase of clothes. Sometimes, fashion designers are hired on an hourly basis. Thus, the style designer’s salary per hour is remarkable. Also, the salary scale goes to extend with an innovative attempt at fashion technology.