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Sat Dec 02 2023

5 min read

11 Important Steps To Create Your Own Elevator Pitch

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elevator pitch

The term elevator pitch is nothing but a short definition of an idea, a product firm that is explained in a simple form so that it can be explained thoroughly. Many people search for ways in which an elevator pitch can be created within a short period. The motive of this interview is to negotiate a contract to reach your business goals.  In this blog, we are going to give you unique ideas with which you can create an elevator pitch of your own in a flash. So, without further adieu let us go through the process to get more clients even as a freelancer. 

If you are looking for jobs through LinkedIn or, you can create an elevator pitch by introducing the kind of work you are interested in. You just need small and simple yet interesting words to explain yourself. If you are leading a professional meeting and do not know how to initiate, you can set your example by making an elevator pitch.

There are times when a person is asked to explain themselves in a job/internship interview but many do not know whether to make it lengthy or simple and to the point. The simple and to-the-point method is known as an elevator pitch and creates an impression of a person who knows how to deal with impromptu cum prepared situations. 

Steps to Create Your Elevator Pitch

Below are the steps-

Introduce Yourself

To set an example of an elevator pitch a person needs to include his/her qualities, skills, achievements, and qualifications even though it is for a short period. This will let them know who you are and your background as well. 

Simple Yet Sparkle

Remember that elevator pitches can be made perfect but the main Even though it is short, you need to make it interesting so that the listener is compelled to hear the whole speech and is impressed with your communication skills. The motive should be to create sparks between the listeners.


The elevator pitch/speech should be brief and persuasive vocally or in writing for around a minute. The speech should just have information about, who you are and what your ideas can benefit. 

Speak softly

For a short speech, you might think of speaking way too fast to finish the pitch. But you should never talk fast while you are presenting to convince clients for outsourcing. You are preparing for it but you must not make it obvious that you have practiced it. Once you start to fumble, there is no going back to the smooth flow. The pace should be normal and comforting from your end. So do not rush and speak your speech softly while writing how to write an elevator pitch.

Communicate with USP

Communicating with USP is one of the advantages to gain prospective clients. If the elevator pitch is about representing your company, you can include the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Look for the features which make your company’s goals and motives unique and then afterward include the USP in the sentence to highlight it. This method can get you, high-paying clients. 

Raise a Question

During the elevator pitch, include/raise a hypothetical question for the audience which you will answer within a few seconds. It will make you sound and look smart and intellectual.

Mention Your Goals

When you are noting down the keywords which you will include in the elevator pitch, you should include your motives and goals. You can start by saying ‘the role through which to reach our goals is like’ or by ‘opportunities in the way to apply this process.’ 

Practice Makes Perfection

When you are done, creating the elevator pitch, read it out to yourself by using a timer. Read it out multiple times so that it does not fumble later on. This pitch can develop a good and strong client relationship. It will help you to practice your communication skills. While speaking, you need to adapt your speech to your body language. 

Numbers Don’t Lie

Pick out numbers with percentages to which you can refer. This will acknowledge them that you have done well-researched content about the meeting and have not taken it for granted.

Find the Solutions

Look for the problems which the clients have faced and find out the solutions to them. The solutions are needed to be light, easy, and approachable. This technique will make your elevator pitch sparkle.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

You need to prepare yourself mentally before the meeting. Be positive and do not be nervous while you are representing yourself or an idea. You can sweat it out but you should be confident while you speak. When you know that you are prepared then you should not be afraid but just believe in yourself and just go with the flow.

Finish With a Smooth Tone

Have your visiting cards ready so that once you are done with your elevator pitch, you can end it by distributing them among all the members. If it is not a proper organization or a firm, take brochures with you which you can distribute in the end. At the end of the elevator pitch, the clients will be ready with questions, so be prepared for them as well. You want to build customer loyalty so do your homework ahead of time so that you can be ready to answer their questions with confidence. 

Example of an Opening of How to Write an Elevator Pitch

‘I am an advocate and founding director of ABC Global Federation. I have worked in ABC firm, specialized and also have a 10 years experience in civil law and looking forward to opening a family-friendly NGO with highly respected investors.’

So, in short, the pints are to make it short but abstract, focusing on essentials, communicating with the USP, creating a question, and putting it all together. It is not so difficult to create an elevator pitch. It is a matter of a couple of words that need to be placed in a manner and some confidence. You have to find certain things out to make the pitch/speech look and sound interesting. 


The thought of crafting an elevator pitch is horrifying and scary but it makes a person conceptual and abstract. Just start with it and you will understand how easy and relaxing the whole deal can be. 


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