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Tue Apr 23 2024

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Data Integration Developer (2024): Role, Salary & Skills

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Data integration developer

With technology rising at rapid rates each day, there is so much to keep track of. It is creating new job sources and recreating the demands of previous ones. Integration developer is one of the technology-oriented career paths that offer you an opportunity to handle and integrate all the various available software components. 

Hence, it allows you to be a part of the entire process of creating software from the beginning to the end. This is a very good chance to explore all the working of the software and ensure that the efficiency of the software is maintained. If you want to choose this career path you might be struggling with some questions like what the integration job description is. But after this guide, you’ll have all your questions answered.

What is a Data Integration Developer?

As talked about previously, an integration developer is an integral part of the IT industry and serve their purpose by integrating the various components of software. This includes the packages, APIs, networking, and all the ins and outs of the project that you are working on. Essentially you are going to modify the generic product and restyle it based on the needs of your firm. This will ensure that the product suits your special needs and serves its purpose. 

This altercation and management are some of the key roles of an integration developer when you’re looking for data integration developer job description. Your tasks can further be more exclusively specified such as being a data integration developer means that you will largely handle the integration of data throughout the various databases in the system. You will therefore be required to work with huge chunks of data and ensure that the data is not hampered at any cost. Also, you have to ensure that you maintain the system and ensure that it is free of any bugs and is updated regularly. 

For this, you have to understand the demand of the users very clearly and create a blueprint based on that demand. Further, to execute it, you have to ensure that you have the hardware and software intact and that it is working hand in hand with each other. With the changing demands of the consumer, you would be required to change the system and henceforth play with newer technologies.

How can I become a data integration developer?

To become a data integration developer, graduation in a field concerning cloud data integration is required. Further, you have to ensure that you have experience working with various application development languages like Java, .Net, Flutter. There are many integration software available in the market. Knowledge of handling and working with them is also equally crucial. One of the very famous integration software is SAP and it also provides an environment for you to handle big amounts of data as your client base will grow further. 

During the process of integration, it is required that you know the various modules of your project as well as the entire big picture. This is important so that you integrate each part incorrectly. Before hiring, a company is bound to require experience of about two or more years to hire you. Therefore, you should try to earn practical work experience throughout your degree so that you can be of use to the firm.

What salary can I expect?

Data integration developer is one of the high grossing sectors so you can expect a handsome payment. As noted over a few years, the average salary in data integration developer jobs is about $96,000 in the United States. People with more experience will be likely to earn higher pay. So, if you are one of the top-notch integration developers, your pay is likely to be a big figure that might be around $133,500 per year. This amount is bound to change depending upon your experience and skills.

 It is always recommended to keep in touch with the latest technologies in your sector to gross higher. A fresher in this sector might earn about $65,000. This is due to the lesser hands-on experience with real-world problems. As you will grow over the years, your job with also fare you more and you can get more money.

Do I need some other skills?

You will require to work towards your personality development to fare better in this sector. In addition to that, you will also require hands-on experience with a lot of technologies and skills in varied sectors. Some of the technologies that you should be well versed in include:

  • Java, .net- These languages are important since they help in application development. This will hence help you by making you able to create programs that can be essential to certain modules of your project.
  • Informatica- In addition to SAP, Informatica is also a great software that helps you integrate the systems. It will be one of the key requirements while you’ll be looking for jobs.
  • SQL- a creation of integrated systems requires the creation and maintenance of huge databases and SQL helps you with right that. They can help you maintain servers and databases that will hold information and keep them in order.
  • OOP- Object oriented programming languages are one of the most essential keys to help you. They are more real life oriented are key factors to solving real world problems. Many of the concepts of object-oriented programming are very important in solving a lot of issues that you might face along the way.
  • Organizational skills- As an integration developer, you should have great organizational skills. They will help you in creating solutions that are helpful and integrate the system as closely and precisely as possible.
  • Analytical skills- time and again you will face the problem of analyzing the requirements of the user and adhering to them. Therefore, you might want to work on your analytical skills so that you can ace in that sector and ensure that you make the right use of your skills.

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