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Mon Sep 11 2023

5 min read

What Is a Candidate Management System Software?

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candidate management system software

A candidate management system software is a powerful software that can simplify the hiring process of organizations. These systems provide many benefits and offer various high-end features to streamline hiring. They help in every stage of recruitment, including the interview and candidate onboarding stage. It is safe to say that recruiters rely on these management software to increase the efficiency of their employee hiring process.

Understanding the meaning of a candidate management system software and how it works can help you leverage its benefits effectively. In this blog, we will explain a CRM's definition and how they can help you to enhance hiring productivity.

What Do We Mean by a Candidate Management System?

A candidate management system is also sometimes called an applicant tracking system (ATS). It is a system that business organizations use to perform different tasks involved in recruitment. ATS systems come in handy during job openings when businesses hire new employees. You can use these systems for multiple purposes. However, their ultimate goal is to increase hiring efficiency and help companies hire top talent quickly.

Did you know, according to the latest statistics report by Insight Global, 75% of job seekers consider a company's reputation before applying for a job? It is the reason why many employers from around the world have adopted recruitment CRM software to manage their hiring process. A CMS is just like an applicant tracking system (ATS), but CMS focuses entirely on the candidates themselves. It helps hiring managers make good hiring decisions regarding all the candidates, including the unqualified and rejected candidates.

A recruitment life cycle involves candidate tracking, resume screening, candidate engagement, interview scheduling, etc. A candidate management system manages all these activities, including attracting candidates to apply for the job and evaluating their skills and capabilities. Therefore, HR professionals who want to make the hiring process less complicated and complex can conveniently rely on a CMS.

Why the Need for a Candidate Management System?

Organizations receive thousands of job applications, and we cannot expect a hiring manager to evaluate all the job applications manually. It is also impossible to maintain all the candidate data in one place in an organized manner. In this situation, using an AI-based technology to automate all recruitment tasks becomes necessary to streamline hiring.

Using a CMS will save the HR professional’s time. It will also help both the employees and the candidates pass through the recruitment funnel effectively. A CMS offers numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Seamless candidate experience: The automated nature of CMS provides candidates with a seamless experience. This is because the system provides timely updates, interview invitations, and answers to queries. It enhances the candidate experience during the recruitment process.
  • Good-quality hire: With the efficient resume screening feature and automotive test assessments, a CMS ensures that organizations only get their hands on top talent. The hiring managers make better hiring decisions. It ultimately improves the employee hiring quality of the organization.
  • Quickly fills the job vacancies: When hiring managers hire employees following the traditional hiring method, it takes too much time for the whole organization. However, a candidate management system offers so many features that the companies find top talent within just a few days.
  • Data security and safety: CMS complies with all the data security and protection regulations and measures. It ensures all the candidate data and recruitment information is in safe hands. This way, CMS also minimizes the risk of data breaches.
  • Access to hiring insights: The reporting and analytics feature of the candidate management system software provides employers with valuable insights. These valuable insights include information about candidate performance, hiring trends, recruitment patterns and metrics, etc.

Business organizations understand what it takes to hire the best employees and all the time and effort required to complete the hiring process. On the other hand, some recruiters still struggle with manually managing recruitment sheets and performing different recruitment tasks. But in the recent technology-driven world, using a CMS to hire candidates will be the best decision a recruiter can take. In the blog below, we will discuss the features of CMS that will help you better understand its usefulness.

What Are the Features of a Candidate Management System?

Many recruitment tools are available in the market, but not all can help you achieve your hiring goals. You need to look for a few specific features and functionalities while searching for the best candidate relationship management software for your business. Only then can you use the software to boost talent acquisition and make hiring less time-consuming. Some of these features are:

Flexible Interview Scheduling

A CMS includes a calendar tool that helps employers schedule interviews with candidates. The candidates can choose the interview date and time from the slots made available by the hiring manager. The CMS will automatically schedule a flexible interview on the date and time selected by the candidate and agreed on by the employer. Thus, we can say that CMS provides a highly effective interview scheduling feature.

Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

When it comes to candidate sourcing, a candidate management system posts jobs on multiple social media platforms and job listing websites to attract top talent. This way, all the high-quality job seekers from different locations come to know about the job vacancies in the organizations. They apply for the job through the job board posted by the CMS. Hence, a CMS plays a crucial role in candidate sourcing.

Candidate Communication and Engagement

It is necessary to keep all potential job candidates informed about the steps involved in the hiring process. It also includes the status of their job applications. There are many other things employers and employees need to discuss while moving ahead in each step of hiring. A candidate management system software enables employers to communicate effectively with candidates through automated email templates and chatbots. This way, a CMS ensures that candidates get timely updates and notifications.

Data Storage and Management

The talent acquisition process is comprehensive and involves the flow of data and information between the candidates and the employers. To manage this data is essential. That's because hiring managers can use this data to make present and future hiring decisions and strategies. A candidate management system gathers all the data and stores it in a centralized database that HR can access at any time. By doing this, a CMS reduces the risk of data loss and eliminates manual data storage.

Resume Screening

Managing resumes has now become easier with automated hiring tools. A CMS uses resume screening technology to help recruiters filter out unqualified resumes. The system uses keyword research to filter thousands of resumes. It only shortlists the resumes that include keywords matching the job description. This way, a CMS presents only the best candidate profiles before the employers.

Candidate Tracking

A candidate tracking system can monitor the progress and status of each candidate throughout the hiring life cycle. The employers can view the status of any candidate using the candidate tracking and insights features provided by the CMS. From receiving the job applications to hiring the candidate for the job position, a CMS keeps a record of all the progress from start to finish.

The traditional methods of recruitment focused entirely on hiring the most suitable candidates. It never focused on candidate experience, which is the most vital aspect of hiring employees recently. But now that you know all that a CMS provides, you can begin your recruitment journey. 

Including an exceptional CMS in your hiring journey will help you build, manage, and retain meaningful relationships with job seekers. As a result, good candidate management will significantly boost your organization’s reputation and talent acquisition.

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Candidate experience is crucial to monitor and highly consider during the hiring process. Overseeing and nurturing all the job applicants can improve the organization's reputation in the job market. It can also help a company attract talented and skilled employees as most employees wish to land a job in reputable companies.

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