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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

Are You Willing To Relocate': When Your Dream Job Takes You Away From Home

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are you willing to relocate

The preparation for an interview is a very difficult phenomenon. Right from the start your body language, confidence, and many other qualities are observed. There are going to be several interviews you’ll go through in your life.

The most important pillars of an interview are preparation, setting an objective, being confident, and practice. But sometimes there are some tricky questions in an interview that can make you fall between two stools and impact your hiring process. 

Among these questions, one generic question is “Are you willing to relocate?” 

Theoretical elaboration

Theoretically, it can be answered simply in either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but things are not always as simple as it looks. Another generic question is why shouldn’t we hire you? Understanding the reason for asking the question is the primarily important thing. This question might have been asked to ensure your flexibility and interest in the company. The question, ‘are you willing to relocate’ is sometimes used as a trick to measure the passion, dedication, and commitment of the interviewee towards the company. 

So it is most important to understand and prepare this question beforehand along with the solid reason for the answer. If you desperately want the job but are not sure about relocating or if you are ready to relocate, here is how you respond to it without losing the chance to grab the seat.

There are many ways in which this question can be replied to depending on the circumstances. If relocating is possible to you, or you don’t want to get tied up to your location, or even if you want the job at any cost, ‘I am willing to relocate can be the most obvious answer. 

You can also answer with a ‘yes, maybe’ to ‘are you willing to relocate’ while being on the track. Relocating can be a vital decision when you are not sure about your long future in the company or if you want to be in the company for the short term.

This answer to ‘what do you think about the possibility of relocating’ can put a clear image to the interviewer about your passion and dedication towards the company and be a part of the company. In this blog, we are going to learn how to answer ‘are you willing to relocate?’, so without further adieu let us go through it.

Steps to create the answer

Here are some of the best steps that you need to take to answer the question of relocation

Understand the question

This is a matter where it is important to talk truthfully. Before applying for and accepting employment that needs you to maneuver, you need to understand that you just can manage the work and lifestyle changes. You will answer this question honestly by acknowledging the issue of moving can cause and expressing your excitement for a replacement step in your career path.

Plan out relocation situation

To determine if you are feeling comfortable moving, you will create a possible relocation plan. First, you must examine the price of living where you would move. Compare your current cost of living with the new locations and your potential earnings. You ought to also consider the world you may sleep in.

Moving from an enormous city to require employees in an unknown place could be a big shift in lifestyle, for instance. The more thoroughly you research your potential life in your new location, the more honestly you’ll be able to answer the question.

Go through the financial plans and then plan out your expenses in the other state. Consider the price of the house and therefore the work commute to expect. Confirm there are accommodating homes within commuting distance of the business in your price range. Planning out office relocation can be exciting and adventurous.

You should also consider the moving process. Counting on the employer, they shall offer to pay some or all of your relocation expenses. If not, you will have to calculate the price for moving and incorporate it into your budget. Moving can even take your time, so you will need up to per week to pack, move and unpack your belongings.

Show potential and enthusiasm for the position

When you are preparing your answer to relocate your job, you must elaborate your enthusiasm regarding it. This shows the hiring manager that you simply have a solid motivation to succeed with the position, which suggests you are more likely to endure any difficulties associated with relocation. Also read, how to be a confident job-seeker.

Share plans for relocation

Although you do not have to share all the small print of your relocation plan, offering an overview of your strategy can show the hiring manager you are serious about the role. This part of your answer can even show that you are thoughtful and proactive, two valuable qualities for several positions.

Ensure the recruiter that you are okay with relocating

Once you are done explaining your plans, potential, and enthusiasm, reassure the hiring manager about your comfort to relocate. Offer the other details about the move that you are excited about or any long-term plans you’ll be able to make once you relocate. You will be able to detail your aspirations for the role with the corporate to point out you can contribute.

Once you have got created a solid response to the question, spend a while before your interview practice your response. This is often a sound decision for all questions you are feeling you are presumably to encounter. Practice allows you to induce comfortable answering the questions so you will sound natural and relaxed during your interview.

Things you are not supposed to do after this question is being asked

  1. If you are not completely sure about relocating then don’t say ‘YES’ right away to the question ‘are you willing to relocate.’
  2. It would be unprofessional and greedy if you ask for the difference in a paycheck. There are several ways to answer a salary expectation question when asked in an interview.
  3. Do not give a diplomatic answer that turns out to be illogical.
  4. If you are not willing to relocate then do not say ‘NO’ directly to the question ‘are you willing to relocate.’

Sample answer according to situations

If you are willing to relocate then:

“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to take upon the new role so yes I am absolutely willing to relocate”

If you are not comfortable with relocating then:

“This job would be the best opportunity for my career but due to unavoidable circumstances, I am unable to relocate and I apologize for that.”