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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

What Is A Voucher Model? Everything That You Should Know About Payment Voucher

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what is a voucher model

A voucher model is a kind of document that is used by all the models having a contract with any modelling agency. It is an invoice that is signed by the client and the model once the project is completed. Now, you must be thinking about the meaning of a voucher.

So, the voucher is a document that comes with a prime motive is to support or confirm the facts related to the transaction. It indicates the purchase of goods, rendering of services and approving the payment etc. It helps in maintaining control over the payment process.

Different forms of vouchers are available such as a debit or payment voucher, credit or receipt voucher, not in cash or voucher and voucher.

If you ever come across the question of what is a voucher model? Then it is a document that is signed by both the parties, the model and the client. It guarantees timely payment. So, you can be assured of receiving your payment on time after getting a voucher. It is important to carry a separate voucher for each project and they should be properly filled to avoid any future complications.

In case, if any detail is missing from the voucher you and your agency will not get any payment. You will be provided with a handful of vouchers by the agency itself. There are three copies of each voucher, first for the client, second for the agency and third is used for record purposes. You should fill your voucher very carefully to avoid any mistakes.

What to include on a voucher model?

Once you know what is a voucher model, the next question that will arise in your mind will be related to the content that should be included in the voucher model.

Below mentioned points are to be included in the voucher model:

  • The voucher model should first contain the contact information of your modelling agency. Their contact information on the voucher is a must because they are the link between you and the client. Therefore, it should include the name of the agency, its address, contact number etc.
  • Next up, in the voucher model, there should be a space where you fill in your contact details such as name, address, contact number and signature etc.
  • Then, there should be a place where the client will incorporate their contact information such as the company’s name and address etc.
  • In the end, it should include the signature of the two parties because it is a contract that binds you both together.

Nowadays, most of the voucher models have the agency’s contact information on that. You just have to cross-check everything, including your name and the signature. Doing this will make your work easier because now everything has to be included and mentioned by the client.

They must include the name of the company, its address, contact information, date of your arrival in the project, date of the project finishing, details of the job, working hours details and the rate of payment. It is filled at the end of the job and must be cross-checked before signing it. 

From where to get a voucher model?

Once you know what a voucher model is, what should be included in that. The next quest that pops up in your mind is, “from where to get a voucher model?” You are given many vouchers and the response to this question is very simple.

They provide you with a big book of voucher models once you sign the contract information with the company. The agency will help you in filling the voucher and to whom it has to be given. In case, you get short of vouchers, you can request more vouchers. 

Your agency will provide you with vouchers. They can also provide you with blank vouchers through the mail. You should use different vouchers for different jobs or projects. In case, you forgot to take your voucher to the booking. You can contact your agent.

However, it looks unprofessional when you ask for a voucher model. You can ask for the voucher from the agency. If you ever run out of vouchers, ask the agency for more. Running out of voucher models means you are booked with lots of projects and assignments. The agency will either ask you to pick a new voucher book or mail you the vouchers. Your modelling bag should always contain the vouchers. 

To avoid such situations, you should have a photo of the voucher and you must mail the voucher in your email in advance. Once the project is finished, submit the voucher to the agency without any delay. This will help you in getting the payment on time.

Once the voucher model gets signed by you as well as the client, submit it to the accounts department of the agency. You can submit it either by mailing or faxing it. It should reach the right hands at the right time. 

Concluding note 

You must have a voucher model and you should carry it with you to every single project. This makes sure that you get paid on time. When you know what is a voucher, you will be able to use it effectively and get paid on time. It contains the information of the agency, your company with whom you are working on any object.

You must have a voucher book. It helps you in assembling all of your vouchers. At the same time, it helps you in keeping track of the person for whom you have worked and the hours you have worked. 

Once your project is completed, you should submit the voucher to your modelling agency so that it can get billed easily and quickly. If the voucher gets billed early and quickly. This will help you as well as your agency to get paid for the work you have done. Therefore, you must know this official statement or the document so that your payment for the hard work done by you doesn’t get delayed.