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Sat Feb 24 2024

5 min read

What To Do When The Interviewer Isn’t Calling?

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interviewer not calling

Phone interviews can be quite tricky to deal with at times. You don’t know what to anticipate and the fact that it is going to be conducted on a phone and not in person can also be bounding to those people who think they can perform better in person. So when your phone interviewer never called, what should you infer of it? How long is the phone interview? And most importantly what to do when the interviewer doesn’t call? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered for all the questions that you have for when your recruiter didn’t call for a phone interview. Sometimes, it is okay to consider that the person can indeed be late for some time. But the anxiety that follows and increases every minute that the interview is delayed can be overwhelming. However, this guide will help you sail smoothly through this.

Why do companies use phone interviews?

Many companies have resorted to using phone interviews as a great way to save their time which would be wasted on screening those candidates who are not qualified enough for the job. So phone interviews prove bliss since they only have to spend a few minutes on the call with them to check whether or not they are compatible with the job role. In addition to this, companies also use phone interviews for those candidates who live in some other state or district to save their time to commute and therefore only call them once to finalize the job. Now, with the pandemic going on and on, phone interviews have become one of the only ways to ease the hiring process for all jobs.

What to do when the interviewer isn’t calling?

It is difficult to be in the moment when the clock is ticking and the time of your phone interview has already passed. But in cases that the recruiter didn’t call for a phone interview, what should you do and what should be the next sequence of steps for you to look professional, eager but not desperate and ensure that you get the job?

Double-check the date and time of the phone interview

The first step if the phone interviewer never called would be to check the date and time of the phone interview. You must go through the mail that has this information again to check whether you are waiting for the call on the right day and time. For international clients, the time zone can also be an important factor to bring into consideration. This is because some people misjudge the date and time of the interview and unnecessarily tense themselves up in situations of the kind. Even if you’re sure that you’re right, there’s no harm in double-checking it up, is there?

Ensure that your connectivity is proper

Sometimes connectivity can be a big hindrance in these situations. Therefore, ensure that your network and internet connection are both properly set up. If the interview is supposed to be on some other platform, have it installed and ready to avoid any hassles later. Additionally, you can restart your phone or call someone else to check if your phone is working properly. A great hack to improve your connection speed is to switch your phone to flight mode and then switch the flight mode off. This fastens the speed of your data network and therefore provides you with a good signal for an uninterrupted phone interview.

Wait for some time

Maybe you’re being too paranoid too fast. If the scheduled time is 10:00 AM and it’s just 10:01 AM, you might be stressing yourself out a lot. It is okay for a phone interviewer to be a little late. Professionally, a delay of about 10 to 15 minutes is justified from the side of the interview and cant be considered a case that the phone interviewer never called. Consider that the phone interviewer also might be rechecking your number, or might be facing some issue with connectivity. Therefore, panicking way before time can be overdoing the situation a little and stressing yourself out without reason.

Send a mail after having called the interviewer

Generally, people send up a follow-up mail to the interviewer in cases that the recruiter didn’t call for a phone interview. But this can be deemed unprofessional. What’s the more professional way is to first call on the number which is assigned to your phone interviewer and talk to him about the delay. If there is some issue, you can talk it out to reschedule the meeting, or in other cases, you can just start the interview right then. This will also show the interviewer that you are eager for the job interview and that you care about it. Therefore, it will already show him that you are responsible and also interested in the job.

Choose how long to wait for a phone interview

In cases that the recruiter didn’t call for a phone interview, try to analyze what amount of time you’re willing to give it. If the interviewer is asking you to wait for some time, decide if that time frame suits you. Don’t be too gullible about it and end up projecting that your time means nothing. Only agree to the deadline that suits you, otherwise, ask him to reconsider another time slot that fits well with you.

Final words

This sums up everything that you should do when the phone interviewer doesn’t call. Try to keep a calm attitude and ensure that you don’t let the time delay get the best out of yourself. Remember, that you have an interview to give after this. If you’re too frustrated that your recruiter didn’t call for a phone interview, you might end up crashing the phone interview altogether which is not something that you should want to do. So prepare for your interview and don’t lose your calm. Even if the phone interviewer never called, he will later, don’t frustrate yourself with it and deal with the situation wisely.