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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

5 Free Screen Recording Tool To Make Your Work Easier

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Free Screen Recording Tool

Screen recording is one of the most important services in the modern era. Several fields require screen recording daily. With the pandemic hitting hard, work from home has been appreciated in many firms. So, the need to record your screen might become necessary in many cases. While we’re looking at a screen recording tool to serve the purpose, it is only fair that we get free apps for the same. 

This is because when we can get the best screen recording tools for free, why would you spend the money for the same services? Many apps provide screen recording tools to serve your purpose and they have commendable services. So it will not be wrong to say that you can get the best free screen recording tools most easily. 

5 Free Screen Recording Tool To Make Your Work Easier

Here is a list of the best free screen recording tools.

OBS Studio

This app is not only one of the best screen recording tools, it is also free. So it makes this app one of the most popular choices of the public. Many professionals also prefer this app because of its amazing abilities. It allows HD streaming and recording of your screen. In addition to this, it is open source and completely free. 

The best part about this screen recording tool is that there is no limit to the video. So you can continue to make hours long of screen recording without any hassle. Unlike those apps that stop after a limited point or flash their watermarks on the end product, OBS studio acts as a savior by being free of watermarks and allowing hours of recording without any need of spending money for the same. 

The only thing that you should look for is that in this screen recording tool, the time to set up is more. Also, you would require a good configuration for your system to avoid any lag in the recording. With these points in mind, you can utilize every aspect of the OBS studio without any issue. 

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

The beauty of Apowersoft is that even though this app works in the browser, it has a particularly reliable performance spanning even better numbers than many desktop apps. Also, it works on all operating systems including Windows, Linux (in-browser), macOS which makes it one of the best free screen recording tools. Alike OBS Studio, Apowersoft also doesn’t display any watermarks even when you’re using it for free. 

Also, there is no limit to the recording of video and there are a lot of export options for your videos. Another asset of this amazing tool is that it can record from webcams as well. It can be very useful in many cases. However, the drawback to this tool is that you cant play games with it. So if you want to live stream a game or do something along the same track, this tool is not the one for you. 

FlashBack Express

As a screen recording tool available only for Windows, FlashBack Express serves as a free screen recorder that serves a majority of your purpose. But it isn’t one of the best screen recording tools available. This is because many of the tools of this product are available at a premium price only. So you might be restricted to some part of the interface just because you’re using it for free. However, it has a very well-made interface. 

The interface is very user-friendly and great for people who are using such a tool for the first time. Also, alike Apowersoft, it allows recording with webcams. In addition to that, it also provides a variety of output formats. This allows the user the convenience to work with the product in whichever way that is suitable to him/her. This tool is not recommended for people who want screen recording tools for professional stuff but for people who just want a makeshift screen recorder for little purpose.

Debut Video Capture

The basic tool for Debut Video Capture comes in premium versions but you can also utilize a lot of free options from this screen recording tool. The drawback of this tool is that it feels a little dated to use, so you might feel like the interface is a little outdated as compared to the other software that you might use. In this, you can schedule a recording for later. So you can use it to schedule certain things including meetings that might require the use of these screen recording tools. 

Also, you can use webcams with this app. This application also has the option to use IP cameras. In this manner, you can make appropriate use of this Debut Video Capture. Even when the name suggests that you can make use of the software for your ‘debut video’ but it is not recommended much because of the issues in the interface. 


As the name suggests, ShareX is a great platform to share your recordings. Therefore, it provides a great interface to share your screen recordings from one platform to another. ShareX is available on Windows only and is not extending its support to macOS or Linux as of now. It is seen majorly that many such free screen recording apps only work on Windows. 

This application is not suitable for games. This is because of the latency incurred while playing a game and using this application simultaneously. But in other cases, this application can find its use. You have a lot of export options with this application. Also, you can capture anything with this, a GIF, a video file, or even a still image. It might be a good option for sharing media.

Using these screen recording tools, you can make appropriate use of their services, and that too for free. All these options are the best free screen recording tools that serve the purpose without costing a penny. So why pay for these services when you have other reliable options and that too for free. Utilize them based on your requirements with this deep insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.