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Sat Dec 16 2023

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What Does A Desktop Support Engineer Do?

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Desktop Support Engineer

A desktop support engineer, as the name suggests, is the key in charge of all the IT infrastructure of the place. He has to look towards every system and determine its efficiency and fix any issues. Therefore, he has to take charge and monitor the entire desktop environment around the firm.

With this, it forms a keen job for many IT aspirants and people who are interested in taking care of desktop environments. But there is more to the desktop engineer roles and responsibilities than this. You have a lot on your shoulders and the constant care of every PC under your supervision is important. Given how reliant we are on technology, it is needless to say that a day of the negligence of desktop support engineer would be the biggest nightmare or everyone in the office.

What is a Desktop Support Engineer?

Even if your company does not work with laptops or desktops, you must have some IT infrastructure that is keeping things going for you. Essentially, every firm does have some desktops that keep the place running. With this comes the demand for someone to take care of this infrastructure and study it regularly to keep it free from any kind of bugs or issues. This is the job of a desktop support engineer. He has to maintain the office equipment and ensure that it is in working condition.

Moreover, he has to give technical guidance to other people in the office to enlighten them wherever they are confused about how these machines work. Therefore, he has to be on and about to fix any IT related issues that bug people in the business hours and prevent them from occurring at all. This can be done by regularly troubleshooting the systems and fixing any errors that are expected to occur.

Roles and responsibilities of desktop support engineer

One of the major roles and responsibilities of desktop support engineer include setting up, installation and the working of all types of hardware and software in the systems of the office. Additionally, he has to take care of the network environment and all the devices that are present in the office.

Be it the printer, the copier, or anything that is remotely related to a computer, it is the responsibility of the desktop support engineer. They have to therefore maintain and plan for the future of a variety of equipment that is of regular use in the office. Also, he has to provide his support and thereby resolve the technical IT issues when they arise.

He/ she can also be asked for suggestions on the environment of the office and how can they better it. With this, he can aim at increasing the efficiency of the hardware available in the office. He also has to ensure that the network connections are good and that they are working perfectly. Any installation of application programs on the users’ computers has to be done by the desktop support engineer.

So, if any person faces issues with the operating system such that it hinders their productivity, he has to be present and provide his technical guidance on the same. In case the company wants to expand its systems and require more guidance on the same, the desktop support engineer plays a crucial part by thereby monitoring the entire process and providing his vision.

What are the skills required?

Being a great desktop engineer is a task of great technical skills. So, you should be aware of the operating system environments of all the major operating systems namely Windows, macOS, Linux, among others. He also needs to know about the setting up and requirements of a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. As a part of his skills, he must set up the anti-virus software, cloud platforms and other such application software of important use in the office. Since this job revolves around interaction with people, you should also be fluent in that and possess great communication skills.

It serves as a great boon when you’re trying to teach lame men about the technical issues that they face. Information about workstation, peripherals and other network setups must be known and practiced. This ensures that you can do it with much brilliance. You also need great problem-solving skills and a good aptitude for this. Trying to resolve issues might be simple, but figuring out what the issue is not. So, it requires a lot of knowledge and the right application of that knowledge. You need to be a team player and not make everything about you. A good understanding of system design will give you great insights into your job.

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How much will you be paid?

The desktop support engineers get paid fairly well as computer specialist. On average, they earn about $60000 per year. However, professionals with good knowledge and a lot of experience in the field can go up to earning about $100000 per year. As you’ll go on increasing your technical skills, you can also get a package of a whopping $200000 per year. This is a great opportunity to grab if you have the right skills and interest in this field. Since this field is a growing market considering the dependency on technology, it is expected that it will grow up to an additional 10% in the coming years.

So, this field is bound to create new jobs and is worth working for. Since we’re too reliant on digital systems to support our daily work, the demand for a desktop support engineer is expected. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a desktop support engineer is the backbone of the entire workstations and the IT infrastructure at any office. Imagining a day with all the systems crashed can create more havoc in your lives than you think. With good technical support round the corner and regular checkups, you can maintain and extend the lives of your electronics as well.