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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

7 Amazing Tricks to Create Best Explainer Videos To Boost Your Business

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create best explainer videos

Explainer videos have become the new trend in the current digital scenario. You can use explainer videos to engage and acquaint potential customers with your business, and getting them exactly right is the difficult part.

It's critical to get an explainer video right the first time because it will likely be the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your homepage. In this article, we have listed some of the great ideas to create the best explainer videos. 

What are explainer videos?

An explainer video is a type of marketing video that is used to introduce your business and summarise the fundamentals of your brand, such as your products and services.

Finally, an explainer video should address the following questions: "Who are you and what do you do?"

Apart from the numerous benefits of explainer videos, they're an excellent way to engage potential customers. That is because people prefer video over text in general. According to one study, landing pages with explainer videos convert at an 86 percent higher rate than those without them.

Tips for creating the engaging explainer videos

Below are the tips for creating the engaging explainer videos:

Have a perfect script

An effective explainer video relies on a solid script. Every other building block rests on top of it. An "outsider" who writes the script is beneficial in the majority of circumstances. Decide on a consultant who will be objective about your firm while also being able to convey it to others.

Many video production businesses may want you to first provide a creative brief. It forces you to clarify what really matters in your business and helps you think about it from a high level. Before you begin, go through a similar process in your mind. 

Keep it short

The less you say, the more probable people will remember, according to writer and creative director Helen Klein Ross. As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm for your company, this video should only serve as a "hook" to pique people's curiosity in learning more.

With regard to word count, the standard is 150 words per minute. While you may be able to read faster, keep in mind that your brain needs space and time to process what you're reading. In addition, the more time you spend on your video, the less attention it will receive.

The most difficult part is trying to keep your mouth shut about your product. Be sure to keep your script to a minimum and be succinct. This is one of the best tips to make engaging explainer videos.

Keep it simple

Simply put, you must keep it short in order to be effective. You must try to keep it simple without including excessive information that is not necessary for the customers. This is among the top tips to generate effective explainer videos.

Whatever your new product, software, or web service may be, the temptation is to show off as many features as possible - 100GB of storage, 60" HD screen, or an endless number of users – in order to gain attention and sales. Customers are more concerned with the advantages rather than the features.

Tell customers how your product or service will make their lives better instead of waxing lyrical about the product. Rather than saying "100GB of storage," use "plenty of room to safely keep your family's photographs." 

Include a professional voice

Poor audio is the fastest way to ruin a video. Crackly voice overs recorded on a Talkboy are all too familiar to us. It's also possible that the sound quality is good, but the delivery and polish are lacking compared to what you would expect from a professional.

In either case, it's critical to invest in top-tier personnel. You can search for professional voiceover artists by visiting various online platforms. This is a great technique to enhance the quality of explainer videos.

Add little fun to your explainer videos

Creating a video that connects with your target audience is critical. There is one universal truth about entertainment: people love it no matter who is watching. This is true whether they're chief executive officers, marketing executives, working parents, or youngsters.

Making your video stand out from the crowd can be as simple as incorporating humor, a surprise, or even something downright bizarre. In contrast to a website, it makes people smile and helps them connect with your brand. This is one of the most effective methods to create the best explainer videos.

Set the music tone

It's amazing to see how powerful music can be. Music may elicit a wide range of emotions and determine the tone and tempo of any explainer video.

When creating a video, we sometimes have a specific song in mind, but more often than not, we conduct music research after the video has been completed in order to find a song that fits the mood. You can search online for the perfect music that suits your videos. 

Properly plan the launch

Creating a video excites many people but often neglects to plan for its release. An effective video launch includes three elements:

  • If you're seeking video hosting, you check out one of the following: Wistia; Vimeo PRO; Brightcove; or Vidyard.
  • It's unlikely that your video will go viral, but you can take efforts to increase the number of people who see it. If you want to get the word out about your video, use tools like a blog, a newsletter, social media, email signatures, and events.
  • You should add a video on your website if you want people to see it right away. Regardless of where you put it, it should blend in with your overall brand and content.

Final words

The following tips should help you decide whether or not to join the explainer video revolution this year. Using various explainer videos software can help you save money and time while still producing a quality video that has a measurable impact. So start using the ideas mentioned above and create top-notch explainer videos for your brand.