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Sat Mar 02 2024

5 min read

6 Important Concepts To Build A Portfolio Site

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build a portfolio site

Building a portfolio site is a very important procedure especially when you’re trying to look out for jobs and potential employers. They are a representation of who you are and describe your capabilities and your potential alike. It is very likely for your client to judge you by the basis of your portfolio site alone. Therefore it becomes very important to build a portfolio site that can impress your client and showcase your true potential.

To know how to build a portfolio site, you have to get a hold of a few tricks here and there and you should be good to go. The biggest flaw in major portfolio sites is that they don’t showcase the true talent of the person. So ensuring that is the goal. To portray yourself in the best light possible, here are the ultimate tips on how to build a portfolio site.

6 Important Concepts To Build A Portfolio Site

Here are the ultimate tips on how to build a portfolio site:

Show the best work first

When you’re showcasing your work on your portfolio, it is important to ensure that you show your best work first. The order of your work lays the foundation of the impression on your client. If you have some work which can impress immediately, why save it for the last? Always remember that the first impression is what stays till the last. 

If you woo your client on the first go, you’ll be bound to be his ultimate choice for the job. This is something that you have to take into note while you build a portfolio site. Some people make the mistake to save the best for the last and then get bad responses and end up suffering because of that. The key to how to build a portfolio site is important: show them the best you can do. 

Be concise about your matter

Remember not to put essays about your work. You should be concise and be able to express yourself in a matter of a few words. This doesn’t imply that you should not add case-studies or not provide any written content at all. But this implies that you should be very picky about your content and ensure that you’re just writing enough for it to catch the eye of the client. You can’t expect your client to read through pages of your explanations and journeys. This will eventually bore him out and leave a poor impression of your portfolio site. Therefore, aim at being precise and not being too wordy.

Pay attention to the visuals

The visuals are the ultimate game-changer. You have to pay appropriate attention to the visuals. Visuals are something that grabs the eye of the user. If you have good pictures and animations on the portfolio site, you’ll be able to grab the attention of the user very quickly. Also, then the user will be more likely to spend more time on your portfolio site. Therefore, pay close attention while picking themes, colors, backgrounds, and other such details. However, minor that they feel, they can change the ultimate picture of your site and can paint it differently. You can also go a step ahead and curate your backgrounds and other animations. It will be even more suited if you are a graphic designer in the first place. 

Ensure that the website is smooth and user-friendly

Ensuring that the website works correctly must be your biggest concern. There is no fun in creating an amazing site that has a poor response on many devices. Therefore, keeping an eye on this factor is important to build a portfolio site that impresses. You can also add more user-friendly features and can increase the engagement of the user using many other features on your website. Some people create short engaging games as a part of their portfolio which engrosses the user so much that it ends up leaving a huge impact. The bigger the impact, the more likely is the client to hire you.

Pay focus on search engine optimization(SEO)

Creating your site solely isn’t enough. You should also go ahead and optimize it using the various SEO techniques available. This will ensure that many people will be able to reach your portfolio and therefore you will not have to do all the work in getting yourself a project or a job. Maybe it just comes to you itself. The goal of SEO is to improve the chances of your portfolio site appearing on the cover pages of major web browsers. This will ensure that many people can see your work and appreciate it or get you to offer out of it. It is always better to expose yourself to a larger audience out there.

Be creative

When thinking about how to build a portfolio site, make one point clear: be as creative as you can. Let all the horses in your mind run and curate something that you are proud of. It can’t be stressed enough that your portfolio site is your ultimate representation. If you pay attention to that, you can completely change the job scenario for yourself. To ensure this, you have to create something unique for yourself. Do not use the basic portfolio ideas, create something out of the box. It might be difficult to execute, but believe us, it will be worth it. There is no such thing as paying too much attention to your portfolio site.


It is simple to build a portfolio site but to build something that stands out and creates a difference is a difficult and tiring process. You will have to go through many things again and you might have to put in a lot of effort. But when you’ll see the end product, it will all seem worth it.

It becomes very important to play around with your portfolio site and ensure that you can make something that you are satisfied with. You should never haste through the process and end up creating something too generic. A little attention today could pay off in big paychecks tomorrow.