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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

Here Are Some Major Characteristics Of A Bad Manager

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A manager is one of the very important parts of any job. He has to lead the team, supervise it and ensure that everyone in the team is motivated for their job every day. However, there have been many cases when a bad manager has ruined the productivity of the firm and has affected the productivity of others due to his bad leadership and traits.  Needless to say, a bad manager can affect a firm more than anything. This is because the bad manager has access to the whole energy of the workspace and he redirects that. So, if he doesn’t conduct the energy properly, everyone in the team is affected by that and it shows on the figures of work in the end. 

Major Characteristics of a Bad Manager

To avoid anything like this happening, every manager needs to ask about what are the qualities of a bad manager at all. What will determine if or not they are regulating everything well in the workplace? So here are some major characteristics of a bad manager to help you check if you’re managing right at all.

Trying Micromanagement 

Micromanagement might be useful in some ways however, it is not for everybody and under all circumstances. In the long run, it can also paralyze your workplace more than help it out. This is because micromanagement can be very tricky and complex. Also, it can restrain the employee in walls made by the manager which can obstruct his potential and refrain him from performing to his full potential. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t use micromanagement to manage your team. In addition to this, micromanagement can also develop distrust between the employees. It can also cause employees to perform under their potential and not be motivated to work at all. So, even more, profitable as it might look right now, it will only go downhill in the coming few years and will drain your employees as well as you. So refrain from doing this. 

Don’t Lead by Example

One of the biggest characteristics of bad managers is that they don’t lead by example. This is just like asking someone to do something that you don’t do yourself which is not only hypocritical but also very wrong on many levels. As a leader of the group, you are supposed to tell them how to do it. And this is impossible if you’re not willing to show them how it’s done. As a manager, you are supposed to be a part of them. However, when you don’t lead by example, you just show that you’re a bigger identity to do the job that they are supposed to do, which is a message that you don’t want to send over to them. 

Therefore, ensure that you’re available for your employees and are also there for them to demonstrate how to do things and do them yourself. Otherwise, it will appear like you’re asking them to make sales and when they ask you how you don’t help with that because you’re past it. 

Lack of Empathy

No matter how much you ignore this, a manager should know that he is family with all the other employees. You should not exceed your boundaries but ensure that you are a team and must work together on these terms. Now that this is established, it is also important to realize that even if you don’t consider them like that, or even if you’re not as close to everyone, you should maintain an environment of empathy and respect with every employee and within every employee. 

This means that you should not be too negligent about your employees, their troubles, or their conditions. For example, if you have a project deadline but an employee is going through a death in his family and needs a leave, you should try your best to give him leave rather than lashing out at him about the project deadline. If you continue to do this behavior, you’ll soon be so inapproachable by your employees that they’ll not trust you or want to communicate with you at all. This can cost you the unification of the team. Therefore, it is essential to maintain respect and empathy with your employees at all times. 

Taking Credit for Others’ Works

This must be as unacceptable as it comes. One of the biggest qualities of a bad manager includes taking credit for the work done by your employees or your team. This includes breakthrough ideas suggested by your employees or some project that the entire team has accomplished. This will only make your employees lose trust in you and will also cause a great dissociation of your team. 

It will project you as a bad leader and these qualities of a bad manager will pull your team apart. This can also make them keep their unique ideas to themselves or not push their potential for that at all since they don’t get an appreciation for that. Therefore, it is deemed necessary that you avoid this at all costs. You should never take credit for anyone’s work. In addition to it, make it a point to give appreciation to every candidate when he suggests something new or unique. This will make them feel good about it and will encourage them to think of more such ideas to put them in the limelight. 


There are so many qualities of a bad manager that have proven to shirk the working potential of the company and the employees associated with it as well. To ensure that you’re, not the manager who is making that happen, it is important to take a look at yourself and your work regularly. This will ensure that your team works at its full potential and can give tremendous results. 

These characteristics of a bad manager can also affect your workplace relationships and even affect your career after a point. To ensure that you are a person that everyone looks up to and not someone everyone wants to avoid, reflect upon yourself and make necessary changes.