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Fri Nov 24 2023

5 min read

4 Important Points To Remember While Attending An Interview

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attending an interview

Interviewing is one of those things that you are bound to face in your life at one point or the other. However, mostly when candidates go out to interview, there are a lot of factors about giving an interview that they forget or don’t pay much attention towards. Interview etiquette is one of them. Interview etiquette is about how you behave during an interview and what type of body language you carry. Even if you’re a complete professional, everyone can mistake a lot of factors about interview etiquette. 

From how to greet in an interview, to whether or not you should shake hands before or after the interview, everything comes down to interview etiquette. Now you might ask, is there a correct way to attend an interview at all? And if there is, then how to attend an interview? Well, you shouldn’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. There’s a lot about interviewing etiquette that everyone must know. And even if you think you’re a pro at it, having a look might make you brush up on those little points that you were about to miss. 

Top 4 Tips for Attending an Interview

Here are the top 4 effective tips that will help you in an interview

Drink the Water Up

You’re in the middle of a question and the interviewer asks you to take a sip of the water present right in front of you. What should you do? What if you’re not thirsty? In any case, it is important to just take a sip of the water. There are a lot of benefits to this procedure. As a part of interview etiquette, you should go with the flow and should not be too bound by yourself that you ignore everything that the interviewer is saying and the same goes with water. 

You’re not liable to drink the water but then a no can seem very abrupt and unnecessary over a glass of water. Therefore, it is considered a better option to just drink the water, even if you drink a sip of it. In addition to this, drinking water can also buy you some more time to think about the questions presented by the interviewer. They can give you an escape where you can properly formulate the answer and then present it with confidence. This is why drinking water when offered to do so should be done. 

Don’t Forget to Smile

No matter how hard the circumstances are and how nervous you are, smiling is a must part of interview etiquette. If you’re smiling, you show that you’re cordial and are relatively calmer than if you are tensed up. In addition to this, smiling can end up replacing the situation more than it was previously. 

Therefore, experts claim that smiling is one of the basic forms of interview etiquette and must be done. Even when you greet in an interview, you should make a note to smile at the interviewers to show that you are a nice and cordial person. You don’t want to ruin your first impression because of nervousness. It is very important to stay calm. Studies have shown that if a person smiles, he is also known to calm down more as opposed to when he is continuously frowning. So if you want to know how to attend an interview, remember that smiling will be one of the key factors. 

Handshakes Need to be Taken Care of

Handshakes can be a part of the interview etiquette because time and again interviewers extend their hand after the interview to shake it with you. Handshakes can also say a lot about the person and his body language. Therefore, it is important to get your handshake right. There are some interview etiquette tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to do a proper handshake. First, your handshake must be firm but not too tight. 

Maintain a proper grip so that you can hold his hand however you don’t want to suppress it. In addition to this, when it comes to female interviewers, you want to make the grip softer while also ensuring that it is not too loose or too tight. While shaking hands, it is appropriate to maintain eye contact. Also, you must not extend the handshakes for more than a few seconds. Usually, the interviewer will leave your hand soon enough but if he doesn’t wait around. 

Dress to Impress

When you’ll enter the room it’s your dressing that will come into the limelight first. Therefore, it is an important answer to “how to attend an interview” that you should dress according to the occasion and should ensure that you’re properly dressed in formal or business casuals, depending upon the job that you’re trying to apply for and the type of company that you’re trying for. 

Ensure that your shirt is properly ironed and that you’re dressed crisply and without any bling. This will ensure that your outfit is decent enough to match the interview and you look like a part of the event. You wouldn’t want to dress too outrageously so that you don’t match the energy of the room. Wear your outfit with grace and ensure that you have prepared your outfit a day before the interview to ensure that no last-minute hazard can ruin your day. If you’re confused about what to wear, you can look up any interview dressing skills online or check in your outfit with your family or friends who are aware of interview etiquette. 


Interview etiquettes define you more than what you can do yourself in an interview. Therefore, it is important to learn everything with care and carry it out with grace. “How to attend an interview with interview etiquettes” is not about worrying additionally if you’re displaying all the etiquette but about maintaining your conduct in a social scenario to ensure that you don’t look unprofessional or immature for the job. From how to greet in an interview to how to leave the room is a little quest, but it is not about worrying about it but paying a little attention to it so that you can avoid making any mistakes in this scenario.