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Thu Nov 23 2023

5 min read

Should You Mention An Internship In Resume? Find Out How!

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add internship in resume

An internship is a service provided to prospective workers by an enterprise. It can also be seen as a chance that an employer offers to people who choose to work for their business. The remuneration for services provided by the intern is, in moan  cases, not part of an internship. But, as an occupational experience, many employers consider an internship. It can enable candidates at entry-level, including young graduates, to compete for jobs on the market. Therefore it is necessary to mention an internship in your resume. In this article, we have discussed how to add an internship to resumes. So read the article and find out.

Reasons to add internship in resume

You need every advantage in a competitive labour market. A resume with an internship offers you a chance to fight against candidates with job experience. Don’t make any mistakes. Unless there is a statement on the job that ‘Non-work experience’ or ‘Entry level applicants only’ is necessary, employers will choose to recruit someone with work experience. 

An internship closes the gap with more seasoned candidates. The difference between a paycheck and another day at the unemployment line can at least be stated by an internship. If you already have a working background, is it reasonable to mention an internship in your resume? Yes! Even if the meaning may be less than those without experience, your level of ambition, commitment, and concentration on your career can be shown by an internship with the hiring manager.

Who is eligible to mention an internship in a resume?

As reported, an internship on a resume would greatly support employees with no working experience. The fresh university graduate is number one on this chart. 

Fresh graduate

Many universities are aware of labour market competition. Unless the student has an outstanding academic record, comparing more experienced candidates would be challenging for them to live for work. Many universities have therefore taken the initiative to create internships for their students. For instance, a university may reach an enterprise and give its students an internship agreement. If the organization is interested, it may develop an internship program that meets its business needs and course requirements. 

If the program has been completed, the organization may apply its choice to recruit such staff to fill particular roles. The internship, in this case, is a viable agreement that gives both the business and the university a win-win solution. Mention internship in a resume, whether you are ultimately employed or not. Applying companies in the same field is the perfect way to capitalize on the benefits of an Internship Program. This is because the knowledge and expertise are important to the future employer and can be transferred easily.

People switching to the new career

Do you intend to transition to a new profession? If you have an internship in your resume, this will improve your application. The first question he/she asks when a manager reads a curriculum vitae is: “Why are we supposed to recruit you?” If you cannot determine if your current job needs are relevant, the specifics of your background will not matter. If you do not understand the responsibilities of your previous job needs.

For instance, it is difficult for an individual to change from a job in pharmaceuticals to a private banking role to convince the recruiter to accept his/her app unless proof of competence can be provided in some of the important aspects of banking work. Therefore it is essential to add an internship to a resume. If a worker engaged in a bank summer internship program, the experience in the class is to be included in the curriculum vitae. What if the student did not participate in a college internship? Find and sign up for an important role!

Don’t allow your internship to get in the way of age. It doesn’t mean that you can’t stay just because you have eight to 10 years away from college. The work market can be similar to the talent on the employer’s side. When a future employee is found by the organization, it is more than welcome to enroll in the internship program regardless of age. For a business, offering an internship is an inexpensive way of hiring talent. But if your organization wants to work with internship offers, you can register and participate.

How to add internship in resume?

Hundreds of resumes are made every day by recruiting officers. You won’t have time to review a resume extensively. The most experienced have an effective and quick certification system in place. Studies have shown that a recruiter wants a candidate from his/her resume in an average of just six seconds. There are also three things to remember before making your internship a curriculum vitae:

  • How do you characterize your internship?
  • How to introduce your internship
  • Where do you get your internship?

Review the internship experience

As we discussed in the previous section, you must determine its relevance to the role you apply for to make your internship successful. You need to take your time to study and find activities related to or applicable to the work you are applying for during the internship. Therefore, the information provided on the job should be reviewed. Find out what skills you need and be sure that you can deliver them following your company’s standards. 

You want to apply to be a credit analyst at a local bank, for example, as a new university graduate. Your internship program was in a manufacturing company’s quality management department. To begin with, mention the necessary skills in the job. Suppose that the skills required are the following:

  • Knowledge of the Excel and QuickBooks spreadsheet systems.
  • Mathematical skills are outstanding.
  • Outstanding scientific expertise.
  • Speedy but firm decision-maker
  • Dedicated and engaged in the execution of activities.

Next, take stock of your learned skills, preparation, and experiences in the production company during your internship. Identify the capacities, duties, and experiences transferable and valuable to the role of a credit analyst and summarize them:

  • It’s almost always safe to know how to use MS Excel. The most basic of all Tablet Programs is MS Excel. To find great value in this software, you don’t have to be banking.
  • Standard QA programs include tools like Compliance Quest and The Lean Machine that operate like Tab programs.
  • As a QA student, you had to learn about the company’s different quality specifications to ensure that all finished products were met. Thorough research and logical thinking are essential.
  • You should look for specifics and concentrate highly on screening quality control items.

Don’t throw your towel if you don’t have your internship experience to the work you apply for. Take the time to assess your practical knowledge and identify common references related to the work.

Frame the proper structure for the internship

As several employers see an internship as a work experience, you can address it on your CV in the same way.

  1. Create a specific item, like the Internship Program, for the segment.
  2. Identify the company’s name at which you were interned.
  3. Use the same name or designation you received from the company.
  4. Specify the inclusive internship time.
  5. List five to eight tasks or duties delegated to you.

Again, the jobs for which you apply should apply to these roles and obligations.

Final words

The internship has become an employer’s first point of contact. “First thoughts last,” as the old saying goes. Your CV should make a positive impression on the recruiter to get this all-critical interview. So by now, you must have known how to add an internship to your resume. So follow the tips and add an internship to your resume to get a better chance of selection for the job you want.