Keep Abreast with Your Candidate’s Progress

View the dashboard to have a detailed view of a potential employee’s progress- less hassle, better ROI.

Personalised Dashboard

A recruitment manager that reduces manual work and enables an intelligent solution that automates the hiring process and can be customised as per organisational needs.

Create a job-specific dashboard and keep track of every applicant and their performance, easily drag-and-drop candidates as they move through the interview process.

Easy Access for the Hiring Team

Reduce communication gap. Increase efficiency. HR recruiting teams can easily view, sort, and move candidates in the pipeline.

Sync calendars, easy reminders, interview schedulers- always be on track with the hiring process. Streamline the hiring pipeline with our intelligent tool.

Tracking Candidates Has Never Been So Easy & Hassle-free

An applicant tracking software whose sole purpose is to help you hire better, faster, and without any hassle. Easy to navigate, customizable dashboard, and simplified viewing.

Simply drag and drop and sort candidates in increasing and decreasing order. Easy-peasy.
No not on Instagram- you can simply follow or unfollow the latest job posting and never miss a notification.
Adjust pipeline
Easily adjust the candidate block as per your convenience- easy drop-down list with 9 options to choose from.
Add candidate
Find a potential candidate who seems like the right fit- easily add candidates by the click of a button.
Schedule Event

A single click can now save the time of emailing and other operational activities.

Create events like interviews- and the interviewing team and candidate will receive email notification and their calendars will also be marked for the event. So easy!

Want to Supercharge Your hiring?

PNH can be your ultimate collaborator for hiring and getting hired. Still got some doubts, feel free to reach out to us!

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