PNH Makes It Easy To Spot and Recruit Best Talents

Powered by the right tools, filters, and metrics- you can find talents who meet all the criteria.

Find Candidate
Attract more talent for your job, and in record-breakinginterviewer platformthe time

Tired of applicants’ resumes trickling in over an extended period. We will expedite the process and do the vacancy posting on multiple platforms.

  • Hundreds of job posting templates for various industries
  • Remodeling of career page
  • Posting on 10+ portal with a single click of the mouse
Manage Candidate
A single dashboard for all your hiring needs

Sort all your hiring-related tasks and information in a single dashboard. Use customized search to cruise through thousands of applicants, send bulk emails, and use tags to allocate tasks to team members.

  • Quick navigation
  • Infinite hiring pipelines
  • Speed up the hiring process
Tech Assistance
Automate the recruitment process, say goodby to manual management.

Use your manpower for the growth of your company, we will help to hire talent. Make better use of your time by using ats tools for recruitment that will allow candidates and the hiring team to be in seamless collaboration at every stage.

  • Smart search option
  • Keep candidates in the hiring pipeline informed about their progress
  • Schedule interviews

Data Insights

Don’t rely on the talisman, hire smart with data-backed insights

It’s easy to lose your mojo while hiring extensively. We provide you with screening questions, reporting tools, and evaluation based on it- the journey from job posting to employee onboarding is a tireless process.

Interview Scheduling
Reach more Candidates, With Less Loss Of Resources

Automated job-posting across multiple job sites, hiring pipelines that increase efficiency, and email templates that help in sending bulk emails to candidates- Zero overlapping of schedules!

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Fewer people are needed in the hiring process
  • More candidates can be tried for a job
Manage Interviews
Optimise Your Hiring, Increasing Your ROI

Synced calendars with adequate visibility to the internal team and interviewees allow everyone to make an informed decision and allow ample time to have a satisfactory interview.

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