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8 Steps For Writing The Letter of Recommendation For Employee + Example

recommendation-letter-examplePosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
recommendation-letter-examplePosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

It may sound like a great honor to write a letter of recommendation for an employee. It is also helpful to look for any of the major features and formatting criteria before you start writing when you are asked to compose a letter to support someone’s skills. In this paper, we discuss what a letter of recommendation is, how to create one, and include a recommendation letter sample and models to help guide you in writing a letter of recommendation.

What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation shows a nominee’s qualities as a good candidate for potential work and admission at educational institutions. The letter is a favorable affirmation. You should describe the features, capacities, and virtues in the letter that make you the best person for a specific chance. A successful letter of recommendation for an employee increases the likelihood of an applicant being selected for a job in a competitive context. A letter of recommendation reminds a recruitment officer or an admission office of its qualities and shortcomings, which helps them in the application process.

Steps for writing the letter of recommendation for employee

You should have a competent, appropriate and personalized letter of recommendation. Here are several measures for creating a successful letter of recommendation:

  • Follow the laws of a conventional written letter
  • Start with a short opening line that commends the nominee
  • Describe the purpose of the letter
  • Detail why the applicant suits the role well
  • Provide some anecdotes and explanations
  • Write a sentence to conclude
  • Professional closure and signature included

Grammar, orthography, and formatting mistakes revised

Follow the laws of a conventional written letter

Because a letter of recommendation is an employer’s technical letter, a typical letter-writing style should be considered as such. Your information, your job description, your business, and your professional address will be shown at the top left. Use it at the beginning of the letter if you know their name. When you do this, use Mr., Mrs., or Ms to stay professional. “To whom it can concern” can also be used if you do not know the name of the person whom you are writing to.

Start with a short opening line that commends the nominee

Start the letter of recommendation for an employee by saying that you are keen to recommend the applicant. This attracts the interest of the recruiting manager and lets them find out that they are so happy to recommend them.

Describe the purpose of the letter

You should clarify the intention of writing, your interaction with the applicant, and the time you have known the person you are recommending in the first paragraph of your recommendation letter. Mention the title of the work briefly, too. It indicates that you can offer an accurate appraisal while clarifying your relationship. This also makes employers understand better whether your experience is from the viewpoint of your boss or employee. 

Detail why the applicant suits the role well

You can also clarify why the candidate is fit for the open position in addition to his previous accomplishments. Study the ethos, visions, and targets of the organization so that you can compare them correctly to the ideals, objectives, and personalities of the candidate. Explain that the applicant will excel in the current profession or sector if he changes his career.

The applicant should share his job description with you to do it effectively. This allows you to understand clearly the roles and duties involved with this job. If you are familiar with the qualifications, your letter of advice is strong, impartial, informative and will assure the manager that the applicant is the best choice for your position. You can also follow various employee recommendation letter samples to get more details.

Provide some anecdotes and explanations

Mention particular information about the person, including whether the employee is suitable for the position and what they will contribute when recruited. Get the letter of recommendation more convincing with certain explanations about the credentials of the applicant. The explanations will give you a clear insight into how the nominee operates every day.

It would bring authenticity to the letter by including two to three clear anecdotes. In brief, the letter should provide the candidate with successful and constructive approval. The best letters represent the abilities and achievements of the candidate and describe how they can be used to succeed in their position. You should check out the various recommendation letter samples to know how you can properly include all the details.

Write a sentence to conclude

In the last line, you are open to supplying more material, if necessary, about the applicant. In the signature of your letter, you can enter your phone number or an email address and a phone number. Finish with the letter of recommendation, which summarizes that you believe the individual would suit the occasion.

Professional closure and signature should be included

End the letter with your name and title letter. Use “sincerely,” “thank you”, or “best of wishes,” as traditional closing phrases. Sign the document under your typeface name as seen in the following if you give a hardcopy of a letter. You should follow this format:

  • Signature (for hard copy)
  • Name of the writer
  • Title of the job

Grammar, orthography, and formatting mistakes should be checked before sending the letter

Check the letter doubly to make it meaningful and important to the reader. The letter of recommendation for employees should be short and should explain why an applicant fits the job well. Keep it professional, particularly when you have the names of the recruiting manager, by checking for grammatical or spelling errors. Make sure that it is correctly arranged and formatted and that the letter looks clean.

Tips for an effective letter of recommendation for employee

Follow these tips to write a good letter of recommendation:

  • Strengthen the students’ successes, credentials, talents, and professional history in a recommendation letter.
  • Keep a copy of the letter in the archives for potential reference.
  • Write the letterhead with initials on it with the referral letter.
  • Get the nominee more aware of your priorities by sharing time with you.
  • To keep the letter concise and specific, build on just one or two main characteristics and skills that make it suited to the task.

Employee recommendation letter samples

Swiss Jonathan
Manager, HR
XYZ Industries
Industrial Area, Delhi, 1100XX
March 27, 20XX
To whom it may concern:
I am pleased to support Sanjay Singh in your appreciated organization for jobs. For more than three years, I have known Sanjay, and he worked in my offices as a Communications Director.

During the time he worked with me, I was highly impressed by Singh’s attitude and performance. Sanjay is both extremely competent and very bright. I am sure he will show great loyalty to your organization and diligently carry out his duties and responsibilities. He is a quick learner and has proved capable of absorbing huge amounts of data. Mr. Sanjay has shown the ability to convey written and verbal knowledge and ideas wonderfully.

Sanjay has succeeded in getting the media involved in our campaign. He was able to persuade publishers to publish in their publications his thrilling press releases and posts. Mr. Sanjay is prepared to take chances and is not afraid to spend more hours at work. He is eager to reach people and participate in campaigns. I particularly appreciate the team spirit of Sanjay and his willingness to assist the office in better serving its stakeholders.

Without reservation, I recommend Mr. Sanjay for the job. I hope he will establish contacts with your stakeholders and investors quickly. Please feel free to call me at 70003XXXXX or by email at swiss.jonathanXXX@gmail.com if you need more details or explicit examples.

Swiss Jonathan
Manager HR

You can follow this recommendation letter sample to write the letter of recommendation for employees.

Final words

So by now, you must have known how to write a letter of recommendation for an employee. One must ensure that when writing a recommendation letter, one must be precise about the candidate’s skills and how they can contribute to the organization. For more information, you can follow the above-given recommendation letter sample.

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