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11 Points To Remember Before You Write The Email Subject Lines


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Fri Mar 17 2023


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Fri Mar 17 2023


Do you know that most people open emails based on what the subject reads? Well, now you do. Email marketing is one of the most preferable types of market communication. Your email subject lines have to be compelling for readers to open them. An unopened email means they won’t see the links to all or any of the new products you’ve launched or the blog post you only wrote. Once they don’t try this, your campaign’s a goner. Learn how to use salutations for farewell mail.

In short, a decent email subject line convinces readers to open your email. It gets them excited about what they’re visiting, learning, or becoming after they appear through it and it uses language that compels them to click through. It is a proper way to communicate with approachable clients and it also allows you to have a conversation with them professionally. The subject line comes after you put the email id of the person or company you want to send the mail to. In this blog, we are going to learn about the best subject email lines so without further adieu let us go through it. We have mentioned some of the email subject lines above:

  • One skill
  • Simple tweaks
  • The Simplest technique for
  • Deploy today
  • Easy ways to
  • Four steps for

Essential Points to Keep in Mind While Writing Email Subject Lines

This section includes the essential points that you should remember when a subject line for an email

Consider Mobile Display

Over half of your readers are viewing emails on mobile devices. The topic line parameters change with mobile. Keep your subject lines under 40 characters to make sure it is readable on every device. IOS has a feature of cutting off email subject lines after 35 characters but it also allows a pre-header of 140 characters. 

Ask an Issue

People like answering questions. Readers always get attracted to questions. Try subject lines that pose an issue to pique curiosity. Your open rates are likely to extend as people naturally want to search out answers. Questions engage readers. When one question is coupled with another one of the headlines, they are powerfully readable. For instance: ‘Disha, want to quit your job and get paid to click pictures?’

Use Numbers and Lists

For some reason, people like to click on emails with numbers and lists because their expectation works that way and their psychological reflex is easier to function like this. Regardless of the reason, numbers and lists are proven to figure.

Avoid looking like Spam

You must not use phrases that sound clear as if you are selling a product desperately. Also, do not make promises that you cannot respect and keep. Readers are savvy to click-bait and can immediately mark your email as spam. Do your best to attenuate exclamation points or all capitals. 

‘How To’

It might seem boring and unimaginative, but the “How to” subject line could be a classic. The strategy is effective because it offers your prospect a strong guarantee. What the readers are getting to read is about to show them something. Not only this email will give you the chance to find out something, but it takes to benefit from some other psychological principles. 

Leverage Scarcity

Apple has mastered the scarcity principle, where the worth rises when demand is bigger than supply. You will be able to use this same strategy in your subject line. Let readers know that your offer is restricted or has an expiration date.

Experiment with Emoticons

Know your audience and proceed with caution. Younger demographics love emoticons. If you utilize them appropriately, they’ll help improve open rates. More professionally-minded audiences won’t respond well to emoticons. Also, read tricks to create a professional email signature.

Provides a Command

Sometimes your readers have to be told what to try to do. Giving them clear direction and a powerful call to action will help them take action. The trick is to offer a directive without being too bossy.


The self-interest “how to” headline has been around since the first days of recent advertising. If it looks like it has been used plenty, that is because it is, and for a reason. It works. 

Case Study

People like case studies for 2 reasons. they supply proof that a method or strategy works and sometimes offer a step-by-step, replicable process that readers can use to realize identical results.

Straight Forward

When you have something valuable to supply, sometimes it’s best just to come back out and say it. Just finished compiling a year-long report on the state of the industry or completed some templates that your email subscribers can use to raise their marketing? You must let them know. 

Share news: News subject lines make the most of our inherent desire to be within the knowledge. Whether or not you don’t follow mainstream news outlets, it is quite common for you to stay updated on subjects of your interest which might be related to the following: reading a chosen blog, being attentive to a specific podcast, check out a shopping website/ window-shopping. So after you have news to share, whether it’s about your interested industry, or maybe your products, let your approachable clients know the way the subsequent brands neutralize their email subject lines. Also, read the guide to outsourcing. 


So, sell your efficacy, grab your subscriber’s attention, and continue making rare subject lines to rule over the market! The more unique the subject line is, the more you keep your firm at the top in the eyes of your clients. The email subject lines are the first impression of the company. Any least mistake in the subject line can put your firm’s reputation at risk. Also read, how to email subject lines.

It is a major reason your client either chooses or does not choose to open your mail. Make the subject line simple, and short consisting of the summarization of the entire point in some words. An impactful subject line can help you connect with your subscribers, it must compel the reader to open the mail and go through the links or make any purchase.

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