Is This Your First Job? 5 Easy Tips To Impress Your Boss

by PitchNHire Aug 20 ,2019   /  

Have you started a new job? We are all excited about our very first job, but the first job in our life is always intimidating and scary. We have no prior experience and are completely new in the industry.

The best part of your first job will be your innocent ignorance of the fact that your seemingly simple ideas have the power to change a company’s future. Some of you must have done internships in the past, so you might not be new to the corporate workplace culture. Every workplace remains different from the other and hence you require entirely different skill sets to fit into a brand-new work environment.

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  • The helpful and easy-tips mentioned below will make it easier for you to face the challenges at any new place of work. Following these tips will also help you in the process of creating and maintaining a positive first impression on your managers and bosses.


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Carefully follow the points mentioned below.


1. Never Miss Your Homework



Before you join a company, you should always do your detailed homework. By homework, we mean research work. Whenever you have an interview scheduled with a company, you need to find out what the company deals with, what they expertise in etc. Even after joining the company, understanding their mission and vision must be your priority. You can take help from colleagues, but don’t fail to keep up with the speed and quality of work.


2. Be Like A Sponge



Every new employee should be like an absorbing sponge. A new employee's key responsibility is to imbibe a company’s culture. Observe how your team works or responds and follow them closely. The projects, the challenges, the various departments and the goals that need to be accomplished should be a part of you, you must be completely thorough with them. It’s normal to feel clueless initially, but once you start attending meetings, informal events or any office gathering, you’ll get how things and people operate in that office.


3. Keep Your Boss Updated



Employees should maintain a direct relationship with their bosses, rather than having an intermediary for communication, as direct face to face communication is always the best thing to do. Receiving constant feedback and suggestions for your work is always useful for your career growth. Irrespective of how big or small your project is, keep your boss updated and informed on the progress and the learnings that you have acquired.


4. Handle An Important Project Responsibly



Whether you are part of an important project that your team is working on or not, if it's important for your company, it should be of primary importance to you. Remain updated with all the important projects that your team is working on and if possible, provide help in whatever way you can. In case, you are handed over the responsibility for an important project, try to manage your team and make sure excellent quality work is delivered on time.


5. Be Ready To Try New Things



Each organization and every team working for a particular organization will be different. Trying to be experimental and saying yes to new things should be your motto as a new employee. Embrace new routines, find out new ways to work, accept bigger challenges and bring about changes to avoid the monotonous rut. Never forget to remain flexible and learn to adapt to different situations. If you want to attract success, you must think out of the box and try to maintain a positive attitude.

Well, this is just the beginning of your career. In order to impress your boss, you need to walk the extra mile and you must be Aspiring, Modest, Authentic, Dependable, Confident and Optimistic. Shortcuts are a strict no. Instead, a combination of smart and hard work is what you need. Gather experience and develop new skills to climb up the professional ladder. The first job is the right time to learn as many tricks as possible.

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