Changing Recruitment Methods That All HR Professionals Must Adapt To

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Being an HR Professional, you must have heard it time and again that “Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but hire him who does it for the love of it.” The recruitment world moves at quite a fast pace. As the job market keeps changing with time, the recruiters need to keep up with the pace and trends of the ever-changing job market.


With the evolution of the corporate world, we realise that jobs which exist now didn’t exist a few years back. These days, there are quite a many brand new skill-sets required, which were not common, around a decade back.


Want to know how to survive in the dynamic recruitment world? If you wish to come out as a winner in “Recruitment”, you’ll have to let go of all the Old School recruitment methodologies and embrace the new possibilities created in the recruitment environment.

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How To Easily Find Out The Most Suitable Candidates For Your Organisation?


  • In the olden days, recruiters had to literally run after the desirable candidates. They were candidate led to a certain extent, which means that they were completely dependant on the market of active job seekers.

  • Following the age-old traditions, a recruiter would post the job and wait for the applications, collect the applications and browse through them, trying to find the exact fit.


  • The recruiters end up neglecting the fact that, the best candidates probably already have a job, hence they might not be actively looking for a job. These passive job-seekers are more than happy wherever they are. According to a research, at any given point in time, only 10% of skilled and experienced candidates actively go looking for jobs. Smart recruiters look at the remaining 90% of the candidates and try to reach out to this section.

Be A Smart Recruiter In Order To Catch The Perfect Talent


Just now we discussed that usually only around 10% of the candidates actively search for jobs at a particular period of time, but that doesn’t mean that the remaining 90% cannot be targeted. A few candidates actually prove their worth even when they are working. The efficiency of the smart recruiters lies in the fact that they are able to influence and impact the Passive candidates to join their respective organisation. Even if the candidates are unwilling to join a new job, they would be unable to resist your approach, such should be your influencing ability.

The Shrinking Talent Pool


  • All of us recruiters work in a market with a serious shortage of candidates. Simon Lance, head of Hays recruitment in China says that “Talent shortage is a global problem”. There is a serious lack of skilled professionals. What happens is this that the finest candidates work at a high level and achieve promotion, hence getting removed from the marketplace. The moment they get removed from the marketplace, the competition becomes fiercer for the HR Professionals, as they need to go on a hunt for similarly talented professionals.

  • The number of candidates with more number of degrees goes on increasing, even the talent pool goes on increasing but it becomes hard for the recruiters to hire the desirable candidates. A recruiter should be looking for the best, and it’s harder to find them amongst a larger mass of lower-skilled people.

Don’t Go Hunting For The Candidate, Create The Candidate!


  • The recruiter should not always go hunting for candidates. It is his responsibility to create candidates. You cannot just simply wait for them to come to you. In today's times, the highly skilled are more mobile than ever before.

  • The perfect candidate, whom you are currently searching for a particular position in your company could be anywhere in the world; they could even be working in an entirely different sector. As an HR what you need to do is this that, you need to create an attractive prospect, which will make candidates directly reach out to you. It's about good communication skills, raising awareness and making people understand that the opportunity is there.

The Importance Of Building an Employment Brand


  • It’s very important to engage people on a personal level in order to attract the best candidates. We are all familiar with the term “Corporate Branding”. Traditionally people rely on a company’s name and reputation more than anything else. Your employment brand is your company ethos.

  • As a Human Resource professional, you need to make people fall in love with the organization where they are working because happy people always perform better at work. Building a strong employment brand involves the recruiter reaching out to everyone and announcing how great the workplace and the work culture are.

  • In some cases, people might not want to work for you, but building a great “Employment Brand” can work wonders, even if these people don’t work for you, they’ll end up becoming brand ambassadors for your company, as they pass on the good news about your company to others who might like to join your company.

Remember You’re Not Dealing With Robotic Candidates, You’re Dealing With Living, Breathing Humans.


  • The core value of being an HR Professional is that never ever lose your Human Touch. You don’t just deal with a candidate, but you deal with a human being, who’s not merely the things written on their resume. They are a mass of ideal's, desires, preferences and ethics. They want to communicate; they want to talk.

  • Remember! That these days recruitment is entirely dependant on engagement. The social media platforms ensure that people are communicating more than ever. A robust and engaging social media presence is more effective. The word “ENGAGED” is at the heart of everything, which means that if a company wants to attract the finest candidates, then it has to be prepared to go out and find them. The days of tireless waiting for people to come to you are completely gone.

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