The Most Useful Interview Questions For IT Recruiters

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A wise man once said that it doesn’t matter whether you are able to answer all the questions in an interview or not, it's your confidence that actually matters. Selection of interview questions while interviewing prospective employees in your office is one of the hardest tasks in the world. We are here to encourage all the hapless and hopeless recruiters/employers who face trouble preparing questions for an interview process.



Today we’ll provide you with the ultimate guide to some of the most important interview questions traversing across 17 different categories. This friendly guide will help you prepare the best interview questions for the role of an IT sector candidate.

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Interview Questions Which Reveal A Candidate’s Personality, Skills, Knowledge, Strengths & Weaknesses

After talking to quite a many Chief Executive officers from different IT agencies around the city, as to what interview questions they use for recruiting candidates in the various profiles, we found out that our CEO’s couldn’t wait to tell us, about the most effective questions they end up popping to their respective candidates.
Most of these questions are great interview questions in general and are also good for various Analytical or Project Manager roles. If the interview questions are actually great, they end up benefiting job seekers by giving them an opportunity to speak about details that generally don’t get included in the resume.

Question 1.
Q. Describe a time when you worked in a group on your last technical project?
Group work is most-essential and working together on a technical project is more important than ever.


Question 2.
Q. How would you handle a client situation where the deliverable deadline is approaching, and your team members might not be available to help?
This is a very common case, which arises during most of the client projects and you must be efficient enough to handle this kind of pressure, as whatever you do, you just cannot neglect a client's priorities.

Question 3.
Q. What programming languages do you know? Describe the process that you will use to join two data tables, and you can use any programming language to illustrate the answer.
This question is usually perfect for Developers and Software Quality Analysts.

Question 4.
Q. Describe how you would design a software that had to schedule meetings based on their priority.
This one’s quite a good brain teaser for software professionals and the smarter your answer is, the better position you’ll be in.

Question 5.
Q. How will you help increase the traffic to our official website?
This is one of the most common and relevant questions for Digital Marketing professionals.

Question 6.
Q. Tell me about what motivates you at work?
This question helps you understand an interviewee’s motivation for work. You get to know what factors motivate a candidate for the work that he does.

Question 7.
Q. What are the different ways you can create an object in Java?
Developers and Software Testers should be able to answer this question.

Question 8.
Q. If each member had 100 points to rank the top 3 funniest people in the company, how would you store this data and find 3 hilarious people in the company?
This would be a perfect question to test the candidate’s logical and analytical ability.

Question 9.
Q. How can you spread more awareness about a product?
This is a must ask Question for the digital marketing executives or managers.

Question 10.
Q. How do you redesign a well-known user interface?
Whenever there’s a hiring for User Interface Designers, you should ask this question.

Question 11.
Q. If I contact your last supervisor and ask which area of your work requires maximum improvement? What will I learn?
According to a psychological survey, this is a rare question, which can actually bring about an honest response from the candidate.

So, what do you people think? Aren’t these questions exciting and enlightening at the same time? Most of them are designed for the Face to Face interview round, but many of them can be put into the written round as well. With the help of these questions, you’ll easily get better insight into a candidate’s approach towards work, his professionalism and his grip or mastery over his skills.



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